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GSD owners.When your dog to protect you?

Question ? GSD owners.When your dog to protect you how old is your GSD to be to protect yourself? I am the sole owner of my puppy …. he does not like other dogs jump on me, steal my pockets.he is very well socialized, trained basic “Bronze award KC”, friendly with dogs, any breed and size, people, loves playing with children. .. He loves his toy / balloon / and easily “, said it was 5 months, and most answers that I receive is to take him to classes ….. it is not aggressive at all . I play with my dog ​​always smooth, ball games mostly … look … he plays with another dog, hunting, power games.OKin a park for a time when chiens.Mais j ‘I was literally attacked by Labrador “for food / like half an hour laterown appearedd / my puppy attacked near him … he’s OK with people.But when my friend wanted to play the power game with him / jump and ringing aggressivee / he has not made it.He started barking and nearly attacked him …. Is it normal for GSD, even if it is a puppy. I am the single owner, no one ever gave him treats. I know GSD can be overprotective, my dog ​​is resistant to foreigners who try to take them with a fallow sossage.he knows he will get one from me.So you resistant to that of the Fron shop.You go outside, you is not petting là.Les manners. MY GSD is great. Did I miss something? Best answer: Answer

by Bozema
Your dog should never be attacking anything. People confuse big do is think that dogs are naturally “protective” of them. The problem with this is that the dog does not know does not protect you from your friend or another more exuberant dog and that’s when injuries and lawsuits come. You must train your dog to follow your orders, which means no attaquer.Pour have a trained protection dog means hundreds of hours of specialized training so that the dog follows your commands exactly each fois.Tout else is dangerous.

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  • No puppy 5 months should be protective. It goes against their instincts survie.Si your dog barks and lunges aggressively to strangers at this age, it is based on fear, and it does not refer to mental stability.

  • Well, I just finished reading a book on German Shepherds and he said that the dog will do whatever it takes to protect the owner, even if it kills the dogs clean. Perhaps the protective instinct is coming in. But he said that when the GSD was a puppy, never do anything to aggressive for it to handle. So you might want to tell your friend to go a little easier on your dog as a puppy’s. But even when its an adult, do not let yourself or others to be too aggressive with her, even when playing, because the dog needs to protect itself and its owner.

  • or your dog is becoming dominate you because you do not show the qualities of a “pack leader” or your dog was left to the younger siblings. The dog must remain with her brothers and sisters s at least eight weeks. Do not baby him be firm.

  • This is not a protection which is possessiveness and showing your dog that you are dominant. Your dog needs obedience training. If you let this continue your dog will just become aggressive as they age and you end up in court on a bite or two chiens.Entraînez your dog.

  • This is what the GSD are known for – protection. When the dog was jumping on you the other, he took this as a danger sign that its owner could be injured. As with other dogs and things, it should be fine around them unless they can show signs blesser.Ils you should be well surrounded by people unless the person shows that they will try attack you (its owner) GSD are very protective of their family. Does he listen to commands? Verbal and nonverbal? This is very important especially with the DLG. When people get on your property, they are very cautious, because this is his home turf. Just be aware of cela.Autre than that, I do not think something is wrong with your GSD

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