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Guide dog issue?

Question Cyndia ? issue guide dog My first question is … Did you get a guide dog as a puppy, train it, and then give it? I think it would break my cœur.Est there a way to train my dog ​​to be a guide dog, but keep it myself? I somehow like the priveledge of having my dog ​​with me at any time hes wearing a sort of “guide dog in training” jacket ……. I know it’s a bit unethical, but I just want to take my dog ​​with me in the stores (Best answer : Answer by

Floopy Any organization
assistance dog would make you sign a contract saying that no matter if the dog successfully completes his training, you will not keep it. Service dogs are for people who truly need, not for people who just want to look cool.

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  • yes, the dogs are trained by people who give them away when it’s time. and no, you can not “train” your dog as a guide dog for the purpose of being used as a guide dog, then keep it just so you can take it in stores. it is totally unethical, and not just “some”.

  • Aboslutely not! Think how you would feel if you were the person waiting for this companion trained to help you make your independence. Yes, it is difficult, but you need to go in knowing that in the long run, the dog will be serving its finest and a human being has gained a critical friend.

  • No, I would not do that, why would you want to carry a service for the blind. blind people do not do that because it’s cool they’re doing because it is neccesary! side a lot of money, of time and energy go into training, liscense must be obtained. and you must prove you have a need for this service as medical evidence. However, there have been given service dogs in rescues, they are rare in rescues, but every now and then you find one. (But they are broken) you can also have your dog trained to be a therapy dog, you will need to find an organization that trains them as a pet Pets. and the dog must obtain a certificate of good citizenship. with what you can bring your dog in schools, hospitals and nursing homes to visit the sick and the elderly. but I do not think a therapy dog ​​can go anywhere a service dog possible. because service dogs are not regarded as pets, they are considered medical equipment neccesary as a person haveing ​​a wheelchair or a cane that is why they are allowed to go anywhere. therapy dogs are regarded as pets, which is why it is called pet therapy. dogs can also be blood donors for hospitals and clinics to veteranary other dogs. So there are other options for your dog to do a service to humanity rather than a distraction. think about it.

  • People who do it are called puppy walkers and believe me it is very difficult (I did) to abandon a dog, but knowing that it will help someone enjoy complete independence is great! Dogs guides need specialized training that costs a lot and you certainly could not give your dog training. Why do you think of the puppies back to form! If you think it is a kind of privilege, then you really have no idea what is involved! There is nothing “cool” about it, this is hard work! Sorry, but you really need to grow up a little!

  • I too would like to be able to take my dog ​​with me everywhere, but is limited to petstores and the airport where I am. But whenever we get bored, I’ll take her there. This is your only option too well! To obtain a guide dog jacket you have to sign a contract stating that you attend the following classes and be prepared to train the dog properly. In addition, dogs are often times, purebred, if your dog or puppy is a cross, it would not work. In addition, most dogs are large breeds such as labs or retrievers, so if you have a dog breed medium or small, do not even think that this is a option.En addition, before to be able to sign the contract, even, often you will need to go to a special school, to prove that you can complete the training, etcLe whole point of training a guide dog is to spend time to teach an animal to be the uptmost help a person in need, and who otherwise would not be able to move.

  • You can train your dog to be able to do the job of a guide dog, but it will not be able to be a guide dog with public access rights unless it is to help a person who is désactivé.Si you are disabled and your disability meets the definitions established by the ADA (if you live in the U.S.), you can train your dog to perform tasks to help you and you can have access chien.Vous your public can only request that you train your dog for service work when you are not. This is a crime and is punishable by law. You can request that your dog is an assistance dog, unless you and the dog to respond to the definitions established by the ADA. Again, it is a crime and punishable by loi.Je am training a service dog for my daughter with autism. I leave the dog alone with a lot for training. Yes, I like to take the dog with me, but I can not forget that every time I put his jacket on, we travaillons.Si you want to go shopping with your dog, you can go in pet stores and even some flea markets open air.Il is people like you who are even people in wheelchairs or people who saw or heard the dogs look to be confronted by people in stores to challenge their rights. Believe me, as a mother of a child with a disability, I’d love to leave the dog at home and have a normal functioning and the child to behave. Even with the dog, it is not 100%, but the dog helps a lot.

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