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Has anyone tried this crate training?

Question ? Has anyone tried this crate training Has anyone tried this crate training called “dog training 1 minute” I hear that this is the best system dog training on the market. He says you can be gentle, but effective and train your dog in five days or less. It seems like a great system. I just wanted to know has anyone yet essayĆ©.Vous can review the system here: Please let me know what you pensez.Meilleure response: Answer

by Alesi’s Chi
1 minute dog training? How about “How I can part with your money in 1 minute.” There is no magic box system of training that can guarantee results in 5 days . It depends entirely on your commitment to allow any accident occur, that is what is results, not a video. There are many free sites online that teach the proper methods of crate training

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  • Dog training is not a secret art. The reason that the training material is not free to examine, because the intent of the content provider is to get your money. Pay money for information dog training is not a bad idea – if the hardware is top. The problem here is the provider can show zero achievements in dog training. What have they accomplished? If you read the site it claims, “For over 25 years people have called me an animal behavior, a dog whisperer some. And from this experience …” So what? Having people call you something for the last 25 years can not amount to an accomplishment. This guy has nothing to show for himself or show it. He wants you to pay to see his advice, but can not prove the value of the notice. Pass.

  • There is not like a dog crate can be formed in five days. He took my lighter a few months to be trained crate. I started when she was eight weeks.

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