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Have you ever brought home a 2nd dog just to try to straighten out the dog you already have?

Question by krymarbet: Have you ever brought home a 2nd dog just to try to straighten out the dog you already have?

Does this ever work? Getting another dog to “train” the dog you already have? Like teaching it manners, what’s right and wrong, who is actually the boss around the house. My dog is so, well, she just acts spoiled! We can’t seem to get anything through to her. Any humane suggestions welcome. : )

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Answer by mistresscris
I’ve brought home a dog that ended up being trained by the dog we already had, but never the other way around. I imagine that if your dog is spoiled, the addition of another dog is only going to lead to more destructive behavior. Find a good pet obeience class for her.

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  • Er, uh, no. What will change in your relationship with a second dog? How will you improve things? Won’t you just be creating another “spoiled” dog to go with your 1st one?
    I know, yucky questions that you don’t feel like dealing with. But, don’t ask a dog to fix the problems that you’ve made with your current dog is simply asking for a bigger problem. If you’re feeling stuck about the way things are going with your dog, try taking a class with her. Training a dog is not impossible when you’ve got a good coach. Participate in the class, do your homework, and take a look at the links below. Like most things in life, what you put into a relationship affects what you get out of it. Good luck!

  • If you can’t train one dog why would you get another dog? Usually dogs don’t train dogs. If you are not the leader then you are going to own two bad dogs instead of one bad dog.

    I think you should try a cat instead of a dog. I don’t think you have it in you to be consistent and work with the dog on a daily basis. They are exactly like children. They need a lot of positive attention and leadership. They take advantage every chance they have.

  • Very bad idea to bring in another dog to “try to straighten out a bad dog”. You could easily end up with twice the problems. Besides, you made the dog the way she is by not presenting yourself as the leader of this human/dog pack. It’s up to you to fix it by taking her to obedience lessons and showing her what it is that you expect of her as a family member.

    How to be alpha:***

    Dog Obedience Instructor with 30+ years experience

  • No because it doesn’t work this way. If you can not train the first dog to behave you will not be able to teach the second dog any better. All that will happen is the second dog will pick up all the bad habits your first dog has and vice-versa.

  • It doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. If you would like my opinion, I would invest your money and time into a reputable obedience trainer who can actually teach you how to train your dog and to understand your dogs behavior. Good Luck.

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