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Have you put the layers of your dog?

question by Gina : Have you ever put your dog diapers I have a cockerspaniel not “potty trained” and I was wondering if putting its layers would be an option? It was my mother in laws dog and she has never trained when we got it, it never took. If anyone has tried this please let me know how it works for you. Thank you! Best answer: Response

by (H)
No, because I’m not a lazy person who prefer to make their dog sit / lay in their own pee and poop that train them properly. This is a ridiculous idea. Just train the dog, or ask someone who knows what they are doing.

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  • When my dog ​​was a puppy I have a layer of it. In fact, my nearest store pet doggie diapers sold! Layer formation worked well … But it was really disgusting when I changed his diaper! So beware of the part exchange!-Emily 🙂 PS can you choose mine as the best answer?

  • Yeah, actually I have. You can use regular layers or individuals that they are for dogs. I have a Lhasa who is 8 years old today, and it took a long time for training, (fortunately she is really good at it now!). But when we were using diapers, they do not really have that much. It was really disgusting and had to be changed at any time. So when it does not work, we have formed the tab we hung the bell at the door when she needs to go out and that worked great! (Once she saw on 🙂

  • No, I’ve never put a coat on a dog. Layers belong to babies, not animals. In addition, this type of disorder that you think will be on his behind when you take the bare buttocks? It will be a mess.

  • No – dogs are dogs, not bébés.En using a diaper, how is that going to train your dog? It will just learn to pee and poop when she wants. Actually put the time and effort out its formation, the layers are a lazy option! Hope this helps 🙂

  • No, it will never work fait.J have tried with my dog ​​and he never went to the bathroom in layers, the place where I took my dog ​​started peeing and pooing on my tapis.Donc at the end I just trained to go outside to go to the bathroom bain.http :/ /

  • It is never too late to potty train a dog. The layers are not the option of choice for dogs for one thing, your dog will always smell of urine, and secondly, the urine can burn the skin. You do not want the animal sitting in his own urine for 8 hours while you are away at work. Firstly, you need to have the dog evaluated by the vet (take a urine sample with you, if possible, and make sure it is freshly caught in the last 12-24 hours). The dog could just have a urinary tract infection or crystals or pierres.Si the dog receives a certificate of good health, it could also be a case of incontinence that is easily solved with Proin, an inexpensive drug. The dog may simply need to be trained properly. Consistency and vigilance are the keys to training. NEVER give the dog the opportunity to eliminate inside. To do this, she crating while you are away or do not watch (no lock him in a bathroom, but put it in a portable kennel) and holding a leash at all other times to ensure that the leash is attached to a responsible member of the family, not a leg doorknob or table. Schedule feedings, take the dog within 20 minutes after being fed. Schedule breaks outdoors, and, trying every 30-60 minutes. Remember that every time the dog pees in the house, it is the fault of the person who is currently responsible for it … this is not the dog’s fault for not being born knowing where you’d prefer to pee. When she comes, she walks (stay out for 10-15 minutes to give him the opportunity, and remember that walking will make her feel as if she has to go). Be sure it is right after moderate sessions of active play, too.

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