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Having problems with the ACA ………………..?

Question Znip Sero Sero : Having problems with the ACA ………………..? I’m going to ACA a dog show to show in obedience, rally and agility. I sent the ACA and the ICA (ICA is the sponsor of the events of performance, but it’s a show ACA) and asked “What are the obstacles in the agility course? What levels of agility? What levels of obedience? Will there be open obedience? “I sent him more than once and waited, no response! So anyone know anything about obedience and agility ACA? Oh, and the reasons that I will (not to support the ACA o’course): Grandparents are literally living nextdoor to the show site and they are 3 hours so that we can not see them often, I ‘have a UKC agility trial the weekend and I need to practice (I do not take classes) and only $ 5 per dog to enter all three Obed., rally, and ‘agilité.J’ have sent atleast 5 emails. Waaay before the holidays, during the holidays and beyond. I’m starting to get really ticked them! Oh, it is supposed to be a lot of children 4H there, so anyone know what an agility course is perfect 4H? Oh, Texas Rottie: Would it not a long distance call? ACA * bullshit * (nothing!) no info on their site! I googled, I yahood, and I asked! Nothing! WyrDachs: Yes, the ACA show, but the CIA is doing performance parts, the ACA is to set the shape and other choses.Meilleure response:

Answer by Rottie Texas
Probably they are not very good at answering emails. It could be that they are out of town for the holidays. Could be many things. Is there a phone number listed on the ad? What is ABA? I thought it was a club of obedience / agility.

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  • You’re probably not the only e-mailing them. I would give it a good time.

  • They are probably occupés.Google details ligneL’information ACA should venirBonne luck, hope you win!

  • I stopped showing and supporting UKC (after years of supporting them and many champions and Champions Gr) because they will not honor an AKC Limited (non breeding) registration and will include full (for breeding) dogs with AKC registration limitées.Je can not imagine supporting a backyard breeders and registry puppymiller be on my list of things to do ok.Je agree with Indestructible on this one! Edit : * I * say anything about being a UKC register puppymiller – but the ACA is the extent un.Dans DSQ: * I * chose not to support any register that will not confirm a limited registration. Time. My ethics and integrity are intact. I do not have to do something for my own benefit (to championships / ribbons / awards) at the expense of my beliefs, ethics and integrity. Supporting entity through incoming payments is a declaration of faith in their positions.Permanent for any records that willfully ignores the decision of a farmer to put a dog on a limited (non-breeding) registration is wrong in my opinion. YMMV.

  • You know, I was competing in agility since 1997. I am aware of many different places, but I’ve never heard of the ACA now all kinds of performance events (obedience, agility or rally). If they do hold events or clubs organize events sponsering it would be listed on their site internet.Les only places in the United States that offer agile compeition and titration are: AKCUKCUSDAANADACCPEDOCNAet a new place, I think it s’ called UKI (UK international agility) ACA can not really be the registry, but a club with initials similaires.edit: I am so tired of people who put on a pedestal the AKC and UKC calling a ” puppymill “registry. Want puppymill … Well, here ya go:

  • This is their site with a 1-800 number for a fax # also conatct .. So, give them a call, but I see the next event is’nt until 18 this month ..

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