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help what should I do? I do not like the way my family treats my dog?

question by Johanna : help-what do I do? I do not like the way my family treats my dog? Ok, so my family (sister, mom, dad) and I have 6 months, female, spayed APBT / Lab mix, Dakota. My parents support her and love her, and my sister, who wanted a dog in the first place, Dakota says she likes too. They are not abused and are not mean to her, but I think the family who are not treating her very well that my aunt, uncle and cousin. My aunt is my mother’s sister and her family and always love to come and “play” with Dakota. However, this “game” always turns into tiff with the dog. For example, whenever Dakota becomes too excited or nipping starts playing, it is always nailed hard on the ground. My uncle then proceeded to pet / rub it to “calm down”. Dakota starts growling and is clearly uncomfortable, tense, and certainly not calm. She tries to crack and squirmed to free himself, but my uncle just does not let his removal from his lock on the ground. And if Dakota opens his mouth, it snaps shut and holds his nose down and say “no biting.” This always happens whenever he plays with her. ALWAYS.’s Why it is pin down to puppy school, the teacher suggested. But then she said that we should find a method that works best for Dakota, where this method does not obviously. But the thing is that I do not know what I should do about it. I desperately wanted to say something, but it will cause drama / battle / war family. Once I was upset by the way they have been the Dakota training so I did not agree with them (I was not rude about it), and then they continued to insist that I was so close-minded and that I might as well kiss me goodbye dog if I was not going to train his train him aka their way. So I said I would defeatedly training methods a try, just to keep them quiet and not to tell my parents and cause more drama. I feel like I can not even control my own dog and train the way I like, and I feel it is not even my dog ​​or my family more. My family is unconscious how they “train” and when I told my mother that I do not like Dakota gets pinned to the ground, she said to tell my sister (who was also her pins down, even if it is a hypocrite because she says she does not like when it is nailed to the floor, my father used to do, but it does not now because I’m not convinced, then she started its pin.) but whenever I try to talk to my sister She gets all offended and upset and starts yelling and screaming about how she does not want to talk about and I’m always next to Dakota and how if it gets stopped biting, then it is satisfied., so I can not talk to her because I can not have a rational conversation about it with her. Moreover, my uncle hit Dakota when it does not act like he loved her. It was not a shot hit or anything, but she looked really surprised and panicked. He also pressed his finger down her mouth when she bites and TODAY ‘ Today when she was pinching (imo, it’s always because he causes), he took his back and held her and flip-flops. Dakota was really panicked and started to complain, cry and squirm. I wish I could have / said something but I can not literally. His family and especially my aunt will do all offended and upset and it’s just going to cause drama, and I’m the bad guy the one to blame. Whatever I can do is leave the room or look helpless. I feel so pathetic about it, but I’m not strong enough to say anything. I not think my sister cares. In everything I do not like the way my aunt and uncle and my cousin “train” and treat my dog ​​and I feel that I have no control over my own dog and I feel that I can not even form the way I like it, so I feel like Dakota not even my dog. They also put their nose in her business-like too when my aunt saw in the body, she was like “why do you keep it in the box? It will eventually burn out. “They always boss around our own dog and I can not even say anything because I’m too weak. Dakota I also feel that deserves to be in a better, not alias there. I feel we do not deserve to have it …. do you think we should give her back to the shelter? What should I do about how my extended family deals Dakota? :/ Please help! Merci.S ‘PLEASE READ. Additionally, if you train your dog in this way, that’s your business. If my extended family never gets a dog, they can do what they want with it, I will not try to boss around. The main thing that bothers me is that I can not say” t about the way they treat and I n do not like their methods of training, and I feel like because of them I can not train her how I / my family and I feel like they are the ones that control instead of me and my famille.Noccie Thank you, I appreciate it. My mother is quite unconscious, and she thinks the family of his sister doing us a favor. My sister does not care, I pense.Vie Pit Thank you. difficult as I would If you :/ Travis, thank you for your comment, but I specifically said that I do not like how they assume the leadership of the dog instead of me or my family and they do things for her, as if she was their own dog. This is what bothers me. If they want to your method with their own dog is their response affaire.Meilleure : Response

by Noccie
You can discuss with your parents, but that’s all. If you know they are coming, Dakota take for a walk before you get there. If you see come to your home with the dog to go somewhere else. “Oh, I was just Dakota dog park. Bye. ‘If your mother did not have a problem with how the family of his sister treats your dog, then you are really out of luck. You can not change the behavior of another person.

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  • Tell your aunt, uncle, cousin to fuck! Who cares if she starts a fight? It is not their dog. If they want a bad, tell them to get themselves and they can form as they please. But when they are in your home, they follow your rules or they are asked to leave. The dog is just a puppy now, she will grow to hate them, which will lead to a bite réelle.En regarding other silly remarks like a dog crate cause pressure, just ignore them.

  • I read most of the information you post a bit expensive. But it seems that your dog may have dominance issues and your uncle is doing one of the best things to show him who’s boss. I see a lot of small dogs and more which have dominance issues or dislikes restraint. Dogs are very intelligent and can actually become the boss of you or members of your family. Pinning them on their back is a great strategy. Your dog will not like it at all and will fight every moment, your dog obviously does not me when he is not in control. Taking the dog down, it shows who is in charge, not HUMAN DOG! It is very important. Once dog relaxes and does not fight the dog is released. This should actually be done 2-3 times a day, it would be better if you or your family has done this.

  • The next time it starts with him quarrel with the dog just so he could punish him sneak off and call animal control. Tell them you fear for the safety of dogs, it takes a fight with the dog to punish him. Say this time you are afraid he will kill him, he turns around the neck. Let someone with a uniform straighten or flatten gars.Il just the asshole with a big iron skillet. Then tell him when his eyes open, “Leave the dog alone.”

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