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help with my new dog !?

Question by : help with my new dog !?

alright, this may seem a bit extreme but im hoping to get a lot of suggestions, advice, tips etc on this subject

1.i just bought a pomeranian, and after a week with the dog who is 7 months old, i feel i have been lied to about the dog

-the man who sold me the dog said that it is up to date on all his vaccination shots except his rabies shot which he told me was “due soon”; upon arriving home i looked at the records and noticed that the due date for the rabies shot was 16 weeks. the dog is 7 months old !!!

-here are pictures of the vaccination records (i dont feel this is legit, it seems they havn’t been to a real vet its like they ordered all there vaccination shots online and didnt get the rabies shot because they dont ship that to california):

-the man said the dog was “in training”….. -____- yet the dog has bad habits and is semi-potty trained.

-the list go on, and oh yeah, he forgot to mention that the dog had fleas.

what should i do??

the dog is adorable and loving. in fact, i like having him around except for the fact that he is semi-potty trained, had tape worms until i dewormed him, and appears to have seperation anxiety.

after a week i have come to the conclusion that 1.the man never had the dog as a puppy (though that is what he told me). if he did then im pretty sure he would have trained him properly.
2.if he was trained, then why did he allow his dog to sit on the porch and play with cats. not to mention thats how he got flees
3. theres obviously an underlying issue im unaware of bc today i tried texting/calling him and he hasnt responded.

what do you think is really going on in terms of the sellers suspicious demeanor? regardless, i still want to keep the dog

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Answer by Amber Jacobs
This man doesn’t seem very honest and I would suggest being prepared to pay as much as you need to get your pups shots and fleas taken care of. I would also report this man for lying to you. He is not keeping in touch with you because he pretty much took his winnings and ran. I hope I have helped, I’ve been a pomeranian owner for almost my whole life.

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  • Well First I would take your pup to the vet to get a suitable flea treatment and get his vaccination. When there ask if they run a puppy school- they will help with training and socialize the pup. The heartless guy who sold you the puppy was trying to make money.
    Here’s some tips for toilet training:
    Make sure your cleaning the urine up completely! There are a number of excellent cleaning products that you can now purchase from pet stores that eliminate the smell of urine or feces. If the pup can smell any urine or feces, remembering it has a much stronger sense of smell than us; it will encourage him to go again on the same spot.
    It is interesting to note that carpeted rooms are attractive to puppies as they hold the scent particularly well.
    If you are to catch your puppy in the act simply give the “a-ah” command. Pick the puppy up and place outdoors or on paper so that he can finish his deed there. Remember that if you do not catch the puppy within 3 seconds of an undesirable act he will have no comprehension of what you are correcting him for. This may worsen his toileting habits as the puppy will learn to be deceptive as he will now want to hide away.

  • well, first off, that guy was pretty dishonest. but, i had the same thing happen to me. so pay attention. it may cost a little money but i would go get him a check up. get him a flea collar and heartworm medicine. for the kind of dog you have, he may only need his rabies shots. i hope this helped. oh, and the heartworm medicine is pretty expensive, like 20 bucks for 1-3 tablets, but you only need to give him one every 1-2 months. and the flea collar or drops can be purchased at wal mart. plz pick me as best answer.

  • 1. those vaccination records are legit. my dog has the same exact documents.
    2. buy frontline for the dog ASAP, like TOMORROW, so it get rids of the fleas
    3. tell the police that this man possibly scammed you and get your money back, keep the dog if you love the dog though.
    If that man is lying to you, he needs to give you your money back and let you keep the dog for free. Involve the authorities if you need to.

  • 1)a dog is not necessarily fully house broken at 7 months. no lie there. Moving could upset the routine.
    2)trained at least some, he didn’t attack the cats. my dogs get fleas and I have no cats. no lie there
    3)maybe he got called back to work?

    He said it needed a rabies shot soon, and it does!
    So get the rabies shot he told you about, treat the fleas that all dogs get, finish house-breaking.
    I think the best thing to do is give your new dog a big hug and kiss, give him a flea dip, and schedule his shot. You know, the normal dog things.

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