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Hitting your dog – ARGH!?

Dogjudge Question !? Hitting your dog – ARGH I have taught obedience for 30 years +. I will now ask students to teach students that obedience. I teach tracking. I taught protection work with dogs through Schutzhund.Je can not think of a situation where hitting a dog do any quoi.Les two main objections to this cruel and archaic idea is that a ) you can hurt your dog and 2) you will do your dog hand shy or afraid of you. At worst you can create a situation where you’ve now got a bitter fear. I worked with these types of dogs trying to get them to trust humans again. Believe me it is not easy and it is not fun. It is dangerous because you are still interested, as a trainer, if you’re going to get peu.Si you learned to “train” a dog that way, you are wrong. Période.Vous must enter the 21st century. There are many clubs obedience and private trainers that can teach you much better ways to train your chien.Au off tribune.Alors I set this as a question.Qui is your best source for training POSITIVE dog? Best answer: Answer by


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  • And what a great forum to get the! You are right. If people continue to be hypnotized and brainwashed by Cesar Milan and learn more about modern human trainers, like the German Shepherd breeder Suzanne Clothier, or Tamar Geller, dog’s life would improve so drastic. There will be fewer dogs in shelters because their owners have not a clue as to how to train them.

  • I’m with you. Hitting never solved anything.

  • Very well done! I LOVE IT! Have you heard of the guy who posted a question about a dog and a cow PROD? He got a zap of the cow and used it to “train” your dog! I would have discussed on but personally I am not a cusser, even selfish poopheads cowzap their dogs! hag! Thank you!!!!!! for display in a public place!

  • I totally agree! Never, ever hit a dog. Not only because the dog will be afraid of you, but if a child raises his hand to pat the dog and the dog thinks he may be about to be reached, it can act aggressivley to child!. The worst thing you can hit your dog! There are so many training methods out there for decent train your dog in an efficient and effective – why do not people to whom?? I’m totally with you on that one – how can we get it there for dog owners?

  • training dog obedience is worthless. if you’ve ever watched The Dog Whisperer, you’ll learn more in an episode of a dog trainer in one year. dog psychology is where it happens.

  • No, I do not believe in hitting dogs. Like children, they are innocent.

  • I totally agree with you, but he was talking about that I missed?

  • Yup! =]]

  • How is this an issue? Yes hit your dog does not go .. His violent … While I can see why people … When I look at my mother in-laws dog has behaved bad …

  • exactly. People are lazy and just do not care. People affected animals also get frustrated so they whack the dog when he does something wrong and its disgusting.You because there are many different ways of working with animals now on obedience. Keep hitting the dog one day cuz its gunna turn around and bite the buttocks

  • Your soapbox is great … BUT … etc. Noone complains surfers PLEASE … make your “question” a real issue in the future … so that the wicked have no valid reason to plaindre.comme … “Are you hitting your dog to discipline him? If so, why? “Then all of your text below would have been great … and no shocks have any reason to complain … The purpose of this council is to ask questions! Do not climb on soapbox … so make sure you post a good question …

  • I trained many dogs too. Hitting is never the answer and the results, as you mentioned will happen. Dogs feed your energy, so if you hit, you teach them to be angry. So in essence, you now have a fearful and angry animal that will be extremely aggressive and mordre.Je agree … if there are people out there who beat their dogs …. stop.

  • Preach on.

  • IF YOU EVER ever hit your dog, you better learn to FREAKIN SLEEP WITH YOUR EYES OPEN Because I’m Gonna Get You! NEVER HIT YOUR DOG. THE NEXT TIME YOU GO TO THE LIBRARY TRAINING get a book about real dog and another on LEARNING how to sleep with open eyes!

  • I agree. I started with harsh methods with my son 6 weeks mix puppy Golden … and he bit me! (Smart dog) So, I learned about positive methods … He ignores me when I cry to him, because there are no consequences (he tried to teach me) … and when I’m really angry against him, I make him do push-ups dog – sit / down, sit / lie …. and then he bites me again …. to remind me to use non-punition.BTW, the only reason to watch or hit it … is to get him to chase me and come and play with moi.Il is very sweet, sweet (except me) 7 years old retriever mix … which always acts like a child of two years. All b / c I use positive methods for training, who built a relationship of trust important … allowing me to correct my few offenses 🙂

  • I agree absolutely absolutely! .. i dispise hitters dogs they are wrong – you do not get the respect of a dog .. I am the owner of a husky and believe me my voice is better than none of this, he knows when im upset or angry – my stepfather hit my dog ​​in front of me (not difficult), because that it has been sniff him! ! i would have knocked out and whatever else our dog did not bother to stop after he had done he carried on sniffing his way of dealing with bad behavior, it is the end of a man god new paper! get real These people want to lock up! Now youve got me on my soapbox and I’m going down to get on my horse, so anyway dare talk about this again!

  • Well said! Hitting an animal accomplishes absolutely NOTHING, be it a horse, dog, or a person! Violence begets only more violence-I have never seen a problem solved by the use of it. When people use violence to solve problems, one of two things usually happens, at least in my experience. They will be an existing problem (like a dog bite) or worse, or they will create a new problem where there was not one to start. I have seen this happen time and again with both dogs and horses, and the results are not pretty, believe me. Dogs that are abused become aggressive and bite, and if they are old enough, they can sometimes kill a child or small adult. Horses that are abused become head shy (their version of the hand shy dogs) or vicious, and they are animals who end up at the slaughterhouse or the rendering plant. People who abuse animals should not be allowed to own or live around them, PERIOD! It is my view on that-and I totally agree with you.

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