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Honey the Great Dane – Obedience Class @ The Metro Dog Obedience Club, Brisbane / Honey practicing her obedience to the Metro Dog Obedience Club, Brisbane – including of Heeling (on & off-line) past distractions, Down Stays, Stand Stays, recalls, etc.

Learn how to teach your beagle to respond to the sit command in this free online dog obedience training video for teaching good animal behavior.

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  • thanks for this, it made my day: D she is the valedictorian of the class! Congratulations to the parents / owners. I love honey already!

  • i wana know a few things about this hond.1 how great it is to haar2 How heavy ZE3 How long is victorious living questions ive heard that they are really big

  • Honey is fantastic! 🙂

  • lol honey production. the best there XD love her

  • ITS CODY! haha awesum video, honey is so well behaved, my boy is still a puppy, so he has a bit of a short attention span, but with time hopefully he will as well trained as honey 🙂

  • – Your dog shld still be careful or you train in short bursts and use good high value treats – and start in a LOW distraction environment. Do not make things too hard – put her to succeed. At that age, the program no more than 5 minutes at a time. Do not worry – they will grow very fast!

  • – You can start squatting, but you shld try to normally stand when poss. Too many pple get into the habit of always stoop and their dogs do not listen differently. Should not be treated to keep the nose of the dog for a long time otherwise you will always depend on the lure – initially only for the command to teach, then fade the lure. Keep treats in the bag. Teach dog to do first action & treat after getting. Stand upright and just use hand signals and verbal commands.

  • How did you teach her obedience when she was very young and short. I have all my training down, so that way I can contact her to do .. I would even stand as they are so short? (10 weeks)

  • my god, honey has a wonderful down and stay!

  • @ Thetrooper42 not really you just have not seen a woman more than you: p


  • If you have enough treats you can teach your beagle how to clean your house, mow your lawn and take your kids to school in the family car for you.

  • lmao

  • my beagle respond very well to your treining .. these people that you are not good Thell retarded or something .. Thanks for the tips!

  • That woman is stupid -. – ….. and beagle that has already been trained …. not use these videos to your beagle coz you will fail train!

  • stupid video … : S

  • hahaha

  • lol some expert

  • my beagle lear to sit in as 2-3 days. if you know how to train the beagles are very easy to train


  • We ask for our beagles how to sit, not ur dog watching, show us how you idiot learn

  • my dog ​​knows no word. not fully respond, and is so stupid. hah.

  • LOL! I can relate. The older I get, the faster the beagles seem to be!

  • This has not helped me

  • This beagle has been trained … Expert village not come out with a good video …

  • “HE” … “Bailey”?????

  • I do not know, but for me, this beagle is already trained. cheating! Anyway, because that means she knows what she’s told!

  • can you tell me if I’m a good training my beagle this youtube page is all about her

  • my beagle is trained and it cost me $ 5000000 for 2 years of training

  • beagles dont “trained” to get them to respond to food, try to get them to do tricks when Belly’s full almost impossible, normally my beagle (Cooper) just wants to sleep after a good feed, they are stubborn, and proud to be persistent

  • My Beagle that I have just been named Bailey

  • two weeks early. You should not even have a dog unless he was 8 weeks old. Either way, you can start training them about 7 weeks at the earliest. there are some good sites just type in beagle beagle hunting rabbits running or training.

  • We are just an already old beagle and he was not trained except to not poop on the floor and instead poop in the garden. Technically he’s not a puppy anymore and I gave him a few times down, but it’s so damn difficult mainly because he loves sniffing random things and is easily distracted yes. I tried to give him a reward, then pushes his ass down while saying sit. Then I praise and give him the treat. Sometimes he sits on his own, but Idk if it’s just coincidence. fucking her hard as hell.

  • Train my beagle tooo!

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