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Housebreaking Help?

spinout980 Question ? Housebreaking Aid I have a puppy 10 weeks Great Dane who is a hard time with housebreaking. I made all kinds of training “box” procedures, but he likes to use his crate as a bathroom. He goes outside without a problem and is relatively clean inside as well. His only problem is happening in his cage from time to time, even when I use the divider to its small area. Can anyone help? My 10 weeks old Great Dane puppy housebreaking problems. He goes outside and does his business, but can not seem to understand that his cage is not a bathroom. I put the divider and now he pees in his cage and put in it. I take on almost every hour, but he still pees in his crate. Any ideas other than taking it over? Best answer: Answer

by Shannon G
lot of patience. Make sure it came out very frequently. Puppies can not hold their bladders and adult dogs.

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  • the patience to let him try out as often as possible and offer treats or rewards when he goes where he is supposed to. Puppies are not completely housebroken until they are about 7 or 8 months to be 10 weeks, he is still learning. Good luck.

  • Great Danes potty train quickly. Mine was potty trained at 11 semaines.Assurons us that you take all preventive measures. Is there water in the entrance of a crate or water before it is crated? If yes, then do not make pas.Y there anything in the box that could absorb the urine? Covers? Towels? Bed? Even stuffed toys? If so, then take them out. If a puppy substrate to absorb urine, it may not mind that the urine is in the crate because it has been absorbed and it does not sit right with you absolutely elle.Êtes sure it is free of a bladder infection or UTI? Was it a store puppy? If it was, it may be difficult to potty train because they are forced to sit in their mess and learn not really mind. Answering these questions and I can tell you a little more specific help .

  • Try it out every hour, before you let out ask him if he needs to go out side, it works with my dog ​​friends. Be sure to praise him when he goes. hope it helps

  • Visit you find the article on house breaking

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