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How can I convince my parents to leave me a second dog?

Question ? How can I convince my parents to leave me a second dog I have a mastiff / black lab mix. He likes other dogs, and I have plenty room in my heart for two dogs. My father was a strict rule a single animal. But he said he’ll think about. What should I do? I want my dog ​​to have a little sister! And by the way .. everyone who says “twice a training” my first dog is already perfectly formés.Meilleure response: Answer by Julie

Hoochieboy love!
home dad, rules papa.Tant children are not even entitled to a dog. If I were you I would be very grateful for the one I already eu.Et do not give me that stuff you want a “little sister” for your dog. You just want one for yourself.

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  • look around the city for someone giving away free dogs and just bring them home. Dad will have a much harder time saying no when there is already a second in the house.

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