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How can I recycle my dogs poop outside, not inside?!?

Question ?!? How can I recycle my dogs poop outside, not inside I have two dogs, one is 4 and one is 8. both are Shi Tzu and a man is the father. generally, they are very good dogs, as we will have the heading “Potty Training”. the father was trained to use the bathroom outside when he was a puppy and his partner had puppies and we got one. when the puppy is returned, the father, Cody, acted differently all of a sudden. since both of them, no matter what we do: – Pee and poop in the bark maisonChaque time we have food or go into the kitchen – Do not stand still when the walk-on Mount counters to get food-Dont shit when they walk, and much more encore.nous do not hit them, but sometimes we smack their nose, put his nose to shit or pee in the house and say no, everything you can think of to get the right idea in their head not to do so .. but those guys do it the next day. we really need help cause this is too stressant.Meilleure response: Answer

by grabbin ‘a bomb vomit
never try to UM “cage” method? (I forgot his name). keep them in a cage until they have to go then take them outside to use the potty. they will get used to that in a couple of weeks. use a command like “wanna go out or want to go for a walk?” then they will know what is about to occur.

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  • My 11 year old son Beijing began acting in the same way once we got a new puppy, I think it could be a problem with jealousy after the puppy has grown up and we started to leave outside my pug started acting better. In your situation maybe try to get puppy pads to help them use to go to one place and then moving it closer to the door, you may just have to get into the habit.

  • they are shitzus, for the love of God. What are you waiting for? Get a real dog.

  • You are dealing with a “protest behavior.” Sounds like the pack leader, Cody, feels threatened by the new dog and is by being mean, and the other dogs follow. You need to re-fund the trains, giving them their own crate / house feel safe in. Put them in tim on, as the time out to p. DO NOT smack their nose! This is the most insulting thing you can do to a dog, and I’ll tell you why. The nose of a dog is the most sensitive part of their body. It is also how they know the world around them, smell and sense around their mouths. You are insulting the sweetest part of their face. A severe reprimand and waiting times will. In addition, you have to deal with the underlying issue, which sounds like jealousy. Make sure older dogs get their fair share of love and attention, help them feel like a cohesive tribe, not a packet divided by favoritism and when they begin to hear, instead competition for your attention / affection, it must stop.

  • you rub it’s nose in shit and they’ll get the point that there is not supposed to

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