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How can I stop my 5 years. old mini dachshund to complain?

Question from Neil K : How can I stop my 5 years. old mini dachshund to complain? I have a miniature dachshund who ran on the main floor of the house at night, with a door to keep it on the floor to come (in part because the stairs are steep, in part to the prevent it from keeping us in the night). Each morning, for sure, he sits at the bottom of the stairs and whines constantly. We tried positive reinforcement (waiting until he stops whining for a minute to go), negative reinforcement (stern voice telling him to stop) and nothing works. I feel that there must be a dog training “trick” that I miss to do to be associated with quiet good but I do not know what to do. Any thoughts? Best answer: Answer by Minca

To strengthen the stern, a firm NO is what you shld do it, saying many the confused shouting, as with children. Anyway, call the department of behavior. to your local humane society, they have low cost of aid to offer, you cld just ask .. sounds like you did the only thing I can think so .. maybe just try to stick w / another method consistently.

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  • He feels alone. He would come upstairs and spend time with vous.S it is a mini, it is toteable so why not take him to the floor with you and put a door on top √©galement.Quand you say ” you awake, “it means he does not sleep at night and barks? All my dogs sleep at night. I most kennels to keep them from barking unnecessarily things, which puts them on a calendar with my youngest leaves moi.Je mini dachshund and my oldest dachshund sleep with moi.Je think it could be handled and taken into load quite easily. Put it in a kennel on the floor with you or let him sleep with vous.Cela really has nothing to do with you, but we as dog owners seem to be entering this mode if the dog does something that we dislike or annoy us, there must be a correction or training for it. It reminds me of the days when children were supposed to be seen and not heard.

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