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How can I stop my dog ​​from begging, when I do the build?

Kiba_white_wolf Question : How can I stop my dog ​​from begging, when I do build I have a siberian husky behaving well – which has two very bad problems that j ‘have been working at the moment. Is a kind of a specific breed, but I know how to cope and it’s getting better (coming when called to new places), while the other identity, I never even thought of having to deal with. Begging. I never give dogs food from the table, I do not think I have in years. Yet my family. I’ve pushed the dog enough information in their throats that they do not give her much of the food, but they still spend their meat. The chance to convince me to somehow stop is little to no im-a dog person, but I’m still a teenager in a family of Hill Billies laughing in my opinion the dog training. “Begging Dog is natural.” It is embarrassing to have her begging in other places, and groans, pushing the hand and blue-eyed gaze is down right boring. Id really the behavior to stop, but he can not imagine how it would be as long as my parents and younger siblings do not stop giving rewards for elle.Meilleure response: Response

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well inforce the laws about your dog to your family if he begged and flick on the nose and say NO in a loud voice know that you are alpha male and idk anything else, but I hope I helped

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  • Try teaching “out”. Out is the command I give my dogs to get them out of the kitchen during meals. If they come back in I just give them the command again. Huskies are bright enough that it should pick it up rapidement.Ajouter: Just out of curiosity, are you a fan of rain a wolf?

  • I have a dog and he used to beg too. This is natural since our dog to beg for table scraps feel so good, but there’s usually a way to stop it. When my family and I cut down on drag our dog table scraps, he also stopped begging. If your family has food scraps to your dog, try to scare them by working with you. Tell them that your dog will either get sick because our food is processed differently and much is not good for them anyway. You could also tell them if they become ill enough, hes going to die, or you could say hes going to get obese and die or at least become unfun. My parents did that for me and I freaked out, I stopped right away, so it would definetly work on the younger. If this does not work, there is really nothing else you can do unless you can watch your entire family 24/7. so …. hope this helped: D

  • Well, if your family can not behave, they need to leave the room. LOLQu’est it I’d probably do is make sure the dog is not allowed in the room while everyone eats. You can either block access, or to train the dog to sleep in another room while meals are being, or even to feed him at the same time in another room. This way, those eyes are not family members tempting. It is unfortunately a very difficult habit to break maintenant.Et then hit your family on the noggin!

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