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How can I stop my dog ​​to urinate in his den @ night?

Question Leo21 : How can I stop my dog ​​to urinate in his den at night @ I “crate trained” my beagle / basset hound as a puppy without much problem. He is 3 years now and has always had an excellent command of the bladder. So when his bedding was urine soaked den in the morning I knew something was wrong and did the vet. He had a urinary tract infection and crystallization. After about 6 weeks of medication and a new regime, it has a clean bill of health …. However, it is always messing around his lair. He trembles when it’s time to go to her, and urine usually within 10 minutes. Any ideas? Best answer:

Answer by Lauren You can not

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  • I wonder if you used a good cleaner for removing urine odor? Most humans can not feel as good as a dog. There may be traces of urine odor in the cage.

  • Maybe he does not like, it’s more den.

  • Just like children, you must put food and water until at least a couple of hours before bedtime. Sounds like he is nervous trembling. Mine does not go into the case, “dirty” it before it came out. Be sure to wipe the bed down well with Lysol or Clorox wipies and check the bed before making the move in. Otherwise, you may need to revisit the vet.

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