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How can I stop my spaniel puppy 3 months old shes weeing when excited?

Question sunshineee (: : How can I stop my spaniel puppy 3 months old when shes excited weeing ok first of all I totally understand thats shes a puppy, and its normal, and since we brought her a few days ago, we just started her “potty training”, so I did not expect it to be parfaite.Je just wondered if anyone has an advice? that whenever we give him attention, as calm as we try to be, it Wees on the floor, and when we take right after her appearance, she does not want outside wee . btw its weeing definitely not nervous, like a puppy shes very well socialized, and is very relaxed and happy with nousson usually when someone new enters the room, she goes to answer it and then WeesMeilleure : Answer by

does occur when you get home? Or when you leave, then come back in the room? When she is excited? The way which Liberian stop this is to ignore it completely, until it calms down – do not look, touch, or speak. But if it does every time you have …. stroking you exclude UTI or other infections?

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  • all the bitches that very young females, it will soon grow out of it

  • Let the wee! It’s like his handshake!

  • It is still a young pup at 12 weeks and bladder takes a little longer to settle. I advise you not to make a big deal about it or she can use it to attract attention. If it starts inside wee it’s usually too late when you get her outside so just take it regularly every 2 hours during the day to get into the habit. It may be useful the next time you visit the veterinarian stating that in case she has a slight bladder infection. Good luck with it. Cathy

  • she probably did not want to go out because it has already relieved itself … My cocker becomes excited, but it will not instead he cries but he is getting better .. I want to take your puppy outside before giving him the attention and not to take him in till it goes, because I know I used to have to wait a long time until would my spaniel. It helps if you act like you are not looking at it (but you really are) and it depends on how clean you are training your puppy. Crate training works really well!

  • Some puppies do when they are excited to show it the way they are happy to see you as she gets more mature, it will grow out of it.

  • We have a 10 months old Cocker Spaniel who does the same thing. It does not do quite as much as he used to but he has not completely stopped. It is mainly when foreigners. My daughters come to visit and get angry when he Wees on their feet. I hope he will eventually grow out of it. He has lots of puppy habits, I hope one day he will grow on.

  • I went through the same problem with my Dalmatian, when she was a puppy! That lasted a few months, but eventually she grew out of it (hopefully!) The only thing you can really do is deal with it, sadly. I tried everything and nothing worked, we were at the vet’s office once and I held her and the vet was walking my puppy ended up peeing on me, lol. The only thing I can recommend trying to keep calm as possible with little excitement. If you know someone is dead, try to take it before their arrival that his Blatter is empty. My breeder told me that if you do not let them drink after a certain hour (eg 20 hours), then it will likely have to go out at night and accidents less frequent. Good luck!

  • Many Cocker Spaniels, particularly spaniels, are known to pee when excited. Is it separation anxiety? If it does, to deal first. Ignore her, when you come through the door. Finally, it can not be mad when you come in and will not pee.

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