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How can I train my dog ​​positively?

Question ? How can I train my dog ​​positive I have a dog, it’s a pit bull, and I dominate. I take her throat and put him on the field to show my dominance. I was at the dog park, and my dog ​​bit another dog and I dominated him, and another owner came to me and said, “This is false. This is dog training patriarchal. “I’m not completely sure what she meant, but she said” You can get better results through positive reinforcement. ” So how can I positively reinforce my dog ​​does not bite other dogs? At present, it seems that pressing his throat is the best answer solution.Meilleure : Answer

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chavs Therefore you should not be allowed anywhere near dogs.

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  • Salvation. Having a dog can be frustrating at times that I know. It was hard for me not to succumb to scream and hit. I gave up my attempts at learning to chance and went in search of a proven approach to help train my puppy. I came across the course of the Academy of Dog Training and it really helped me to teach my puppy a few things and pass it as the best contrôle.Tout

  • I trained my dog ​​and he knows over 20 tricks! You must give your dog a reward when he goes around or when it is close enough to him. He or she will get it eventually.

  • This woman had raison.La formation theory has been refuted years domination. But people like Cesar Milan continue to use it. This is very old and only results in the dog fearing the propriétaire.Pour one thing, if your dog bites other dogs, you should not have it at the dog park at all until the problem is solved . Recycling an aggressive dog will be a lot of hard work, time and patience on your part. You need to desensitize him to other dogs. This is a long and terrible writing too much here. You need to find an experienced trainer who uses technical training building

  • While grabbing her throat could be working, it could harm your dog. When your dog does something bad patting his mouth and say no if it bites someone severely hit him and say no and put him in his cage, alone or take him home from the park showing her that your s it does something bad, he can not play. if he does something good reward him with praise or a treat, but do not do this for everything, even if STRENGTHENING Postive is important in training should not be the only type of training. like children dogs need to be told what to do and what not to do

  • I saw the Dog Whisperer as grabbing their necks is the right thing to do. What you are doing is working, stick with it!

  • Each time your dog looks and reacts badly to another dog that cause you pain and you dominate and tighten the throat. Thus, your dog learns that other dogs are bad and they are the raison.Donc, with positive reinforcement you work with a dog outside her threshold and react before it starts and reward you for being calm and watching another dog. You could give a few hundred small dogs rewards slowly move closer and closer as the weeks and perhaps longer depending on how much damage you created with your type training domination.Quoi it is you have a dog that is not better with your methods you have a dog, you can not be trusted if it is kept on a leash or a lead with not starting a fight, then I would say you have your proof of your methods only work pas.Mon friend in this video is using positive reinforcement to a dog that is aggressive dog, it’s not my dog ​​friends, he is setting the dog that was dominated by similar means to you fait.http :/ /

  • If you are not smart enough to understand how to train your dog without being a tyrant, too bad for you and your chien.Big deal, you’re big enough to put your dog on earth, is it not the great dog trainer? You and Cesar Millan would do well together, and good luck bullying a pit bull.J hope you have a friend with money to bail you out of jail when someone sues you for a dog bite.

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