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How can I train my dog ​​to ignore other dogs pass?

I love Kumo Question ? How can I train my dog ​​to ignore other dogs passing by Please read the entire question before answering! The only problem I have with my dog ​​he is getting too excited when he sees other dogs. If I can solve this problem, it will be my perfect boy .. Every time we go for walks or Petsmart, he sees other dogs right? Then he begins to pull on his leash trying desperately to get to the dog and begins to whine and bark when I did not let him. Other dog owners do not seem to want my dog ​​close to them. My dog ​​is not aggressive, it just gets too excited. So when he meets dogs smaller than him, he tramples! I will present the most delicious candy smell of him looking at me but he pays no attention.Comment can I effectively train him sit / stand quietly when other dogs are present, or just quietly walk dogs past? I will not use halters or “training collars” because they temporarily resolve the problem (only when they are the door). Replies legitimate only if you answer plaît.Meilleure : Answer

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Put a girl dog in front of him and I bet he used to care about shit.

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  • BASH them upside the head as hard as you can

  • Well wut you do right when you see a dog that you NELTI next to him and make sure he pays attention 2 u o and u do and if you managed to give him a treat and with Small dogs do the same thing, but my dog ​​is trained and yet he stumbles on the dogs LOL good luck:)

  • I see you already said you will not use head collars, however, I have had dogs like that in the past and the Halti head collar works great on eux.Si you already use treats to get his attention and all he cares about the other dog, I’m going to have to say that the Halti is your best bet.

  • Well, I would do a “Look at me” truc.Premièrement no distractons. Say “-name-Look at me!” And when he does treat! Keep doing this so he knows when he looks, he receives friandises.Puis have done with more distractions. Have someone walk a dog a few feet away. If it looks Yo treat and close the distance. If it does not work “, save a few feet and try of nouveau.Comme I said, starting wth NO distractions. It seems that you take him to store and you expected him to knw

  • My dog ​​has the same problem. Did you learn to stay? If you havent, try this method. It works out great: First, you must have your dog inside, as it could take. Get your favorite dog toy / treat and have it on your lap or. Take the toy and say “Stay”, a firm voice, he tries to flee to get it, catch it gently putting a hand under his neck and the other on his back (remember you is a very important control because it could save the lives at risk. Do not worry about being a little harsh, it will not hurt him. He just told him you mean business) . Say “Stay” again, then release. Do it again if he tries to pick him up again. To do so, until it stays in place when you let go and let her sit for a good 30 seconds. Then get up, say “stay” again, and get his toy / treat and give him a reward for his good behavior. To do this constantly, until it does not move and stays when you say aussi.Aussi is it a puppy? When he gets a little older, then he will mature and leave other dogs alone. Also, if you get another dog to play, maybe he will be happy and not care about other dogs. Hope I helped!

  • What I’ve learned, its effectiveness to take your dog off in the opposite direction, away from dogs and other dogs, and wait until he calms back u. excited if u leave, etc giving good deals at teaching how to act around these dogs, I think it is teaching the wrong lesson.

  • When you see another dog and yours starts to act up or turn around and walk with him in the opposite direction (ie away from the situation) or just walk straight past the other dog, walk like you would on a brisk walk if that makes sense? The repetition of what your dog will realize if he acts up it will not be allowed to see / play with other dogs, it will simply be taken away from them. Halters Halti (I know you said you do not use them, but believe me they work. My mom trained her dog to walk beside him with a Halti) to prevent your dog from pulling you off your feet. Just do not shoot your dog while wearing a Halti that may damage the cou.Bonne luck:)

  • The moment he begins to react like that, just turn and walk away. At first it will probably take you a while even leave the driveway or parking, but patience and consistency are key. When he becomes obsessed, taffy, barks or whines, silently turn and walk resolutely towards your car (or out of the store, if you are inside, or back to your home if you’re on foot) . Basically, every time he gets too excited, he loses. It does not get to continue until it is calm. And when he shows some self-control and remains relatively calm, he gets what he wants to continue to walk. If it is not food motivated and does not care a treat as a reward, and reward him for what he does want évidemment.Pratique daily! Practice makes perfect, right? And again, be consistent. Never let him get away with getting too excited. In fact, do not let too excited in the first place you should be away at the first sign of him fixer.Et continue to experiment with smelly treats. Keep trying, you could hit “magic process” one day. The liver, chicken, beef, hot dogs and cheese are generally more successful if all dogs are différents.Oh, and if you can, enroll in a training class so that you and a coach can work with him around other dogs. Look for a class for “Fidos brawler” that uses positive training. (At this point, it is probably not ready for the regular classroom. “Feisty Fido” type classes for reactive dogs are like yours.) One more thing: socializing the devil out of it. It needs to be socialized with each dog, it may possibly be socialized with, another reason that the training classes will help. See more dogs he meets, he will learn better how to behave around them, and he will learn that other dogs are not so exciting. (It will meet so that it will just be like, “Oh, hey, cool, dog,” instead of “Oh my God, another dog !!!”) Do you know other dogs? If so, you can set up. Try something sorta like this: with a person with a dog, not just one person. (Ask the person with the dog sort of curve to your dog instead of walking straight toward him, though. It is more polite doggy in the world.) EDIT: I agree, I do not Drop .

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