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How can I train this puppy?

iampamiam Question ? How can I train this puppy Hi everyone! I need help! Ok, I have 2 male puppies Chihuahua, Paco and Muppet. I’ve had since birth, they are brothers, and are now 5 months old. I started “training paper” the whole litter of puppies, but as they found new homes, I started taking my boys out to do their business, and wean the article. Low and behold, one day they started to use my cat litter! We were fine for a while, but was Muppet having occasional accidents outside the litter box. Now he will not use the everything! Still using the ground. It is always the same place every time. I bleached soil, ammonia used, bought the store oder remover pet, all I can think of him another choice to go or to go in the litter box, as the place he chose was right in front of the last stage of our stairs! I take as much as I can on and off at throughout the day, but it still manages to touch the ground at least once a day. I even had to take my Christmas tree skirt and presents from under the tree, because they made the tree skirt as place pee! Can anyone help me with some suggestions here? Paco is doing well with the litter, and he goes outside with Muppet daily. What can I do? How can I get sweet little Muppet back on track? Thank you in advance! PS> Have you ever heard of two dogs brother being sexually attracted to each other? Muppet was “all out” the other day ! It was after he and Paco were humping each other. kinda freaked him out and me lol Poor little thing looked at me like “What am I doing wrong?” The long answer can be the most informative but K, yeah, ammonia. Although I’ve tried bleach and a diluted bleach solution. This morning, when he stood up (he is my son’s puppy and he sleeps on the floor with him) and went down, we cajole as usual, and I somehow just mumbled to myself “if Please do not pee in the floor today buddy, just go use the box or tell me that you need to get out ok? “, and then we went out. We spent the litter box on the way and I thought, “Hey, why not try again?” So I asked if he needed Muppet go pee and told him to get in the box and pee. He looked back and me and low and behold the little devil went and climbed into the box and did his business at a time! Oh my word, I was so happy I started clapping and praising much as I could and grabbed the closest thing I could to give him a treat (it just happened to be a few pieces of dry cat food . At present, nothing would have worked for me.) is no accident for the rest of the day. Who knows? Best answer: Answer

by megan
They are not sexually attracted to each other, he tries to dominate him. When he pees on the place, put his face in it (not literally) and tell him no. Then the put outside the box / litter. When he goes in his litter box give him lots of praise and some treats.

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  • Take them to the place you want them to pee and when they say good boy and give them a treat. To do this, whenever they have to pee. If you catch them peeing pick them up real quick (it scare them and they stop to pee) and bring them to the place and if they pee, then give them treatment. Do not give them treatment to pee in a different location or if they do not pee at all. Be sure to clean the area in which they have accidents because they have marked this place as their bathroom if they can still smell the urine après.Ils are probably not sexually attracted to the each other. Hump ​​other dogs and humans as something domination.

  • They do not know they are brothers. 5 months of age is too small to be unattended. They should have limited space in the house until they can behave in this space, then they can move on to more space, under the leadership course. 5 months of age is too little to be in charge of potty training, it needs monitoring at this stage. The bladder is not grown until 6-months-old and they are not fully potty trained until 1 year. Since you are training two, and they are small breeds with a small bladder, it might take you a little more with them. I think it would be better to stick to take them both outside so you do not confuse them with the method of litter. I use a crate * to potty train with, but only for potty training and then I break it down and store. I put blankets and a small plate food and water in the crate. Dogs do not potty where they eat and sleep. When they are first little, I do expect them to hold their potty for 4 hours, then 6:00, then 8:00 and so on. So when they are first little, I set a timer or alarm clock to wake me up at night to take on the *. I only allow my puppy in the bedroom * or the living room, one piece at a time. They have to graduate to more space. If I allow them to have full run of the house, it will overwhelm them. I take them at the door each time. I tie a dinner bell to the door handle. Do not use a bell as they could get their toe caught in it. So when they are little, I ring the bell for them, then open the door to go outside to potty *. When they get bigger, I take the paw and whack the bell and open the door to go potty. Finally, go to where the puppy will ring the bell and let me know when they need to go potty. Dogs want to please you, so it is your duty to let them know what behaviors please you and what does not. So when my puppy pot, I give it a real treat *, and clap, and make a fuss and praise her. So she learns that going potty outside makes me happy. If she has an accident, make a noise of disgust as “TSST” and take him right away. I never yell * or spank * All my puppies. Take them out when they wake up, after eating or drinking, before nap, the end to let off steam when their activities change, or when they are sniffing. Some puppies go pee right away, but can not go to shit 10 minutes later, so wait for shit. I have a little play time here, because sometimes I think they are done, and they are not. Puppies train at their own pace. Although I may have a puppy that has not had an accident in a few weeks, I have not let my guard down. I do not expect my puppies to be “fully potty trained” until one year. If they have a setback, shake it, and start over. I only have my puppies in the crate when I am not look at them. When I’m sleeping, cooking, ironing, doing chores, basically when I’m not watching it. All other times, she is out of the cage practice being a “big girl.” This is the Right now I train him how to behave in the house. So, we practice “no barking”, “no biting”, “no jumping”, and “do not eat the furniture.” I must also practice “play the inside “so she does not knock over things. You must keep the puppy in sight when they are a little because they do not know the difference between newspaper and carpet, and you do not want them sneaking off and getting into trouble. Some puppies can sleep through the night around 3-months-old, but their bladder is grown around 6-months-old. Revisions: * I use a CRATE to s lead with. This is the method I prefer, compared to other methods I tried. I noticed that if they are in the crate, while I do chores, they are ok, because the crate allows them to see me and be reassured. A credit union may also be a comfort when stored in the basement for dogs who live in areas where thunderstorms and tornados are an issue .. However , use the method that works best for you ….. a laundry basket, a cardboard box, a woof woof house, x-pen, carrying the child, whatever works for you. * The OUTSIDE, pee pad, litter box, whichever method you use. When the puppy is first little, keep the key pee, litter box near the food dish and water, so that the puppy can eat and drink, and then go potty. You can move it away as they age. The pee pad has a scent that smells and initiates cleanliness. Sometimes a pee pad makes a sound that scares the puppies, so you can use a litter box if that happens. The pee pad allows a puppy to walk, but a litter box keeps the puppy in one place. * Bedrooms, I use the bedroom and room training, because it works for me. Choose rooms that work for you, but watch for rooms that are damp, or drafty. While my puppies sleep in the bedroom during training, once they are trained, I let them sleep where they want. They do not have to sleep in the bedroom forever. * TREATY. While I use treats for training, you do not have to . I like Charlee Bears for training (a little cracker for a little mouth), I use them for training, but once they are trained, I cut back. * Some puppies will potty in one place to each time. Some puppies have to be told to go potty. A command like “go out” for pee, or “go finish” for poop, might work for you, keep saying “go finish” until the puppy poops. It’s a good thing to train if you travel with your dogs. By using commands, the puppy will be confused when you are visiting someone, on vacation with you, or when you get to a new home. The command will tell them what you want them to do in an unfamiliar place. You can also use a leash method, so the puppy does not sneak off, or for strange places. * SHOUTING. This is not a good idea to “yell” or “spank” your puppy and then take them outside when they have an accident. They may get confused and think that going outside is punishment. So you want to correct them, if you are extreme, they do not want to go outside again. Shake it off, and resume your program. You must keep it real. Puppies train at their own pace, but a puppy can only hold their potty for a few hours. A guide would be 1 hour for each month of age, plus 1 hour, so a puppy three months, should be planned to hold their potty for 4 hours at plus.SOURCE: These tips, tricks and ideas were made from many brilliant minds. Thank you for your help!

  • I see you mentioned ammonia. This may be your problem there. Dogs and cats urine has an ammonia odor and using ammonia to clean, you told him, “Go ahead and pee there, it’s ok.” Try using a bleach 50/50 and a water solution to clean the floor after he has an accident, and perhaps add another litter box, he may not like sharing.

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