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How can you train a dog? Or is it even possible?

Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: How can you train a dog? Or is it even possible?

From what I have read here on YA, I have determined that dogs can not be housebroken. As puppies, they jump on people, bite children, and whine all the time. They like to do damage by chewing up wires, cats, and even couches! So, instead of keeping them, people want to get rid of them since they “have no possitive qualities”!

But, then I see a question that states that dogs can be “trained”! What is this allusive training? What doesn’t anyone else know about it? Is this just something that a “secret” society knows about and won’t share with the rest of us?


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Answer by KJ
Yep. You have to graduate from the Moron League before you’ll be eligible for the secret society though. 😉

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  • lol. well my opinion is if my friend can crate train a week old orphaned goat then by golly if you properly prepare yourself and don’t expect magic then you can in deed train your dog. we as a society have been taught to expect immediate gratification from little effort. unfortunatly our dogs did not get this memo. people expect their kids to be perfect with little effort from them as parents. so why would a dog be trained in this same household? do your research, learn about the breed or breed mixes you are getting. find a training method that works and stick to it. be patient and consistant. it’s really not that hard, but you have to get up off your butt to do it. this is where the problem lies.

  • Most of the time, it’s the people who need the training. The dog come’s along just fine after that. Most dogs are naturals at fitting in to a human’s life, but less people are naturals at fitting a dog into their life. Train the person, the dog will be just fine.

  • they train dogs at petsmart.

  • yes it is possible to train a dog. i have a two year old dog, whom i can walk at my side off leash. he never pees in the house and is well behaved.

    check out this book

    it should take you to the page about a book called ‘ceasar’s way’
    Ceasar milan is by far the world’s best dog trainer.
    he also has a tv show that you can rent on tv.
    any dog has the abilty to be a good dog, it is a question of training them.
    most humans thrain dogs with human sycology. ceasar trains them the right way. it is pure and simple logic
    look it up

  • dogs absolutely CAN be trained if the owner isn’t a complete blathering idiot. some breeds will except training more easily than others but ALL dogs can be trained with consistency, patience, praise and love. you sound as though you don’t know anything about dogs so i’m just going to suggest going to the bookstore and reading a few pages from either “the art of training a puppy”, or “good owners, great dogs”. or simply go to animal planet and watch a show called the dog whisperer and you will see before your very eyes dogs with bad habits, products of stupid owners usually, being trained. i will say this though; in the wild dogs would travel in packs and their is a hierarchy in each pack. if left alone in packs, dogs would be trained to live within the framework of a pack by positive and negative reinforcement. they aren’t much different within a home in that they will learn way to live within the framework of the house rules and learn their place within a modern day pack.


    Oh yeah I know the secret but the majority of pet owners think I am mean and I do not really care about my dogs. See I do not call my dogs my babies and I make them listen to me. It is not a secret (spread the word) but you have to be willing to put the work into the dog.

    See this is the problem they train dogs at petsmart. Well truth is they go for one six to eight week class where ever that may be and they think all has been solved. They do not think they should continue the training and I do not mean classes I mean just to continue doing the things that have been learned. People think dogs come pre-trained out of the store. When they find out how much work there is involved in owning an animal they decide it is not worth the trouble and off to the pound they go.
    It is sad that animals have to suffer for the ignorance of others.

    Nobody can ever call you a quitter!!

  • My brother offered me 1000 dollars for my Dog, his name was Dawg.I went into the back yard every night and worked with him,I told him he was the best dog in the world he later turned out that way, you have to step on there back feet hard when they jump on you, you take them and rub there nose in there crap when they do that on the floor,and tell them that their a BAD dog. then take them out to where they are supposed to do make them do what you say to do EVERY time you tell them to do something, you don’t understand, I said EVERY time you ask them to do something you MAKE them do it,let me repeat that one more time, if you EVER let them get by with not ding what you say they WILL remember that your weak,and they can get by with anything they wish to,you have to actually WORK with them.let them know who is master here, IF you have to you hit MAKE them Do what you wont them to do, BUT you tell them all the time that they are the BEST DOG in the WORLD, let them know you appreciate what they do, with hugs and pats on the head,OK? if you don’t train them they wont know what you wont them to do,OK.?If you dont train a dog, dont expect it to do right their like children you have to train them in what is right and wrong,Dawg was a pit bull, & german shepard mix, best dog I ever knew,, he was my best friend I still miss him badly.

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