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How did my puppy learn this?

Question by mrs.v: How did my puppy learn this?

When we got the dog, from my husbands grandmother (who is a dog breeder) she was pretty much potty trained– it was weird. Then a couple days after we got her home she was– I don’t know “un-potty trained?” Peeing anywhere and everywhere. We usually did the Ah- ah! If we caught her sniffing, and took her out. If we caught her in the act we’d say No! No! No! And put her outside. No when she has to go she goes and sits by the back door. If no one sees her she barks, if no one hears her she pees right there in front of the door. How did she learn to do this? Is this something puppys just pick up? How does she know to go to the door and bark for us to let her out? And why did she go from trained to untrained to trained again?? It just amazes me lol, maybe it’s just because I’m a first time dog owner. Thanks for the answers 😀
She IS trained– I don’t need advice on how to train her to do her business outside– she already does. I was asking how she knew to bark at the door, what door to go to etcetera. We don’t ignore her, sometimes we JUST DON’T HEAR HER. We don’t punish her for our mistakes. Thanks alot.
I’m the one that needs training? Why don’t people thoroughly read questions before answering them? She’s trained! She has accidents when we don’t hear her in time. My question was not what to do about her accidents, or why she has them but rather how she knows to go to the door and such when we never taught her those things.

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Answer by Anthony R
i would say new surroundings and testing her limits

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  • wow…wierd…..

  • Me not know.. Someone probably taught him that before.

  • d?im not d

  • your puppy is never untrained after being trianed. It is a new surrounding and could be testing you guys. At the same time how much time do you spend with her? Puppies take alot of attention, and its very much worth it.
    Well, now that you say that…YOU TAUGHT HIM THAT when you would take him outside to potty, he learned that that was thee door.

  • Sounds like she is confused. She knows that you want her to do her business outside and when no one hears her she just goes. How did she learn this? Well you taught her that you want her to go out to go to the bathroom and dogs have a natural instinct to want to please there owners. Keep trying and pay attention when she barks, she is trying to tell you.

  • Initially it probably had alot to do with her being in a new place. She then understood that you wanted her to go outside and to get your attention she instinctively barks so you know she’s waiting. Anywho! Be thankful..LOL

  • You moved the puppy to a new place and didn’t train her where to go potty. She knew where to go in her old house because your grandmother taught her. Practice taking her out to the spot everyday and giving her a treat when she goes. Just take her out a lot, every few hours so she doesn’t have the option to make a mistake.

    The reason she doesn’t bark at the door is because you haven’t taught her to! Dog’s are mind readers. Hang a bell on the door that the puppy can reach. Each time you take her out ring the bell before you open the door and take her out. Go out with her and say “go potty” as she starts to go. Treat her when she is finished with a food reward. Continue to do this, each time ringing the bell yourself, soon she will catch on and start ringing it too.

    In the meantime keep a better eye on your puppy. She’s trying to tell you she needs to go out by moving toward the door but your not paying attention.

  • You are the one that needs training.

    She is barking to go out and you don’t let her out so she pees on the floor. She can only hold it so long. She obviously learned that when she barked at the door someone let her out and she was able to pee where she needed to go. You have removed the reward by ignoring her pleas to go outside and pee.

    If she goes in the house and then smells where she went she will go there again. You need to take her to the same spot in the yard to go so she learns that is the only place to go.

    Put her on a schedule and let her out after sleeping, eating and playing. She will soon learn the schedule. And listen to her when she barks at the door and let her out to go.

    If she was house broken before you got her then it is your training or lack there of that has undone the housebreaking.

  • yes, puppies are quick quick learners and somehow she has referenced the door as part of the way to go pee, the barking thing is funny too, how do they learn that one?
    kinda like children always know the same rhymes and weird things i said when i was a kid. like “nah nah boo boo stick your head in doo doo” where do kids learn this? how do dogs know to bark when it pee time?

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