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How difficult are reputable breeders of the first time dog owners who want more “difficult to train” races?

Question ? How difficult are reputable breeders of the first time dog owners who want more “difficult to train” races Every thing in my blood told me that the German Shepherd is the dog for me. I did about 2 years of research and know what I’m going to race and I know that the race can and can not do. I’m willing to put up with the work of owning a breed like the GSD and I want it to be my first dog. My friends tell me I should just get one from a shelter because reputable breeders are usually snobby and hatred first time owners chiens.Il also told me he got his Saint Bernard in a shelter because the reputable breeder, he talked laugh and told him to start with a Labrador or Golden Retriever. My friend enjoyed her St. Bernard.Je want to know, is a reputable breeder, even worth trying for a first time dog owner? and not to preach anything about how bad and German Shepherds are difficult, I did my research and know what I’m trying to answer me embarquerMeilleure : Answer

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I can not imagine any rancher laugh someone to ask questions and express interest in a race.Si you really did all the research you say you did and a GSD matches your lifestyle then there is nothing wrong with asking a reputable breeder to be put on a waiting list for a chiot.Labs and Goldens are not any easier then other breed of dog, it’s all about lifestyle.

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  • Guess what … Your friend is gushing Sour Grapes! Not ready for any dog ​​… because you are spouting bigoted race-non-sens.Bad … difficult …. can and can not do …. more difficult to train … all evidence of a lack of knowledge.

  • If you have done your research and are well informed so I do not see the problem. There are many people out there who have owned dogs in the past and still do not know a damn thing about dogs. I’m sure you can meet a breeder and talk about what you want and expect and they can guide you to the right puppy. And a good breeder will give you advice and share their experience with you. But on the other hand, there are many homeless German Shepherds who are looking for their homes too much.

  • A good breeder will probably want GSD ensure you have the temperament suitable for forming a correct GSD. They will also want to make sure you have adequate facilities for the dog.

  • A GSD is not a cure to train the dog. They are a cinch to train. The trick is to keep them fairly exercised, socialized, and stimulated mentalement.Une GSD is a large dog, but you should go to a breeder to do your homework is to prove to them you can manipuler.Une GSD is considered demanding as a dog, and not recommended to the owners for the first time because of their high energy and exercise needs and the requirement for huge mental stimulation. They may also have an instinct high if you want to take that into consideration as well, not just for cats, but dogs as well. Socialization is the key for them.

  • Oh, I would not give my money to someone who gives you shit IF you do not deserve it. Good for you to research the breed. A good breeder will appreciate your research and be happy to give you a puppy. If you sound like an idiot who can not manage their dogs, a good breeder will also tell you exactly cela.Alors yes, a good breeder worth a try for a first time dog owner. More importantly, question the breeder. The only warning I will give you the GSDs is that they have many health problems to be overbred. Make sure your breeder knows what he or she is doing! Since they are overbred, the shelter can not be the way that you have no way of knowing what problems the dog might have . However, do not exclude shelter if you think you want to save too 🙂 For example, here is a purebred GSD:

  • The GSD is not the best dog for a beginner, but it’s certainly better than other breeds, such as APBT, Rottie, Akita, etc. I think if you really done your research and if your home and costumes for the working life of this breed, the breeder would probably sell you a puppy, they will probably have many questions for you and can you turn down if they do not think race is good for vous.Je would never sell a portion of the breeds listed above to an owner the first time, but the GSD will depend on the person.

  • The truth is, reading and doing are two very different things. It has nothing to do with quality of breeders being “snobbish” and everything to do with placing dogs in the best houses available, and not have them end up being passed around or dumped in shelters because well-intentioned people can not handle. If you find a breeder who believes that you read without hands on experience with the breed is good enough, then chances are they are not a good breeder. Why not volunteer with a rescue GSD for some time to gain some real experience, and then give it a shot?

  • if it were not for the first time dog owners, dog person would. Expect the breeder to ask you many questions, such as training that you plan to do, your lifestyle, personality and energy with this information, the coach must be a puppy to you . Any breeder who swears off the owners for the first time is not very good reputation at all. Just expect a ton of questions and not be afraid to ask questions!

  • Non.Je think about all that shit you can not have a Rottweiler, GSD, APBT .. etc. .. unless you have experience with dogs / race is crap. As you research the breed and it is a good match for you and your lifestyle go ahead. No reputable breeder would laugh at you. Get the breed you want! Why should you be stuck with a dog breed that you do not even want for 10-15 years? Ohh … and I have a Labrador and Golden Retriever, they are NOT the dog for everyone but they are the perfect breed for me as I do a lot of fishing. 🙂

  • Do you have experience with all the discipline SOMETHING? Do you have children? Have you been in the army? If so, then you could agree with the GSD. Why reputable breeders (and I stress reputable) are reluctant to sell a newbie a hard to reproduce the train because the dog and the neighbors and veterinarians and all other suffers when someone one who does not know how to deal with the dogs get a dog like this, not because the owner is not satisfied with the dog. How old are you? If you are out of college and working, then surely you know by now that research and real life are very different. You can search for 10 years and would never know what it means to be a parent until you have a child. Dog ownership is the same. When you have a child, you get an easier to care for the baby, not a teenager because teenagers are more difficult. So if you’ve never owned a dog before, a GSD is not a good first choice. Why do not you get a mixed breed from the first book that a shepherd in her, that way you will make the world a favor and you can do your learning on a dog that has weaknesses? Another suggestion : a dog before you, spend some serious time volunteering at a shelter, a veterinary office, or facility breeder. Learn to walk the dogs, train them, care for them for a year or two before you get one yourself. You learn so much during this time that you doing “research”, and if the farmer or the veterinarian think you can manage a GSD, they can help you get one or at least vouch for you. If you want to do things the right way and are mature enough not to be impetuous, that would be a great way to get your feet wet.

  • Reputable breeders want to be sure to place their dogs in a safe environment. If you speak with, tell them what your situation is, and ask for suggestions that could aider.Soyez you sure you have information on the monthly fee for this dog, $ subject to health issues that may arise . Would housing as a problem if you are in an apartment? Have you had experience with a growing puppy? Teething can cause destructive behavior, and the puppy “teenage stage” can be trying, but those are the normal steps for chien.Vous can even e-mail a licensed breeder for “Food for Thought” before engaging in a achat.Bonne luck with that!

  • thats very strange .. here in the Philippines, reputable breeders are really nice especially for first time dog owners because they really enjoy sharing their knowledge on race rather than to brag or scare away new pet owners. they help and answer every question, even after a couple of months since the puppy was purchased. my mother kept a small program hobby farm (consisting of 5 dogs only) since 1999, and I’ve met many reputable breeders, and Ive been to tons of dog shows, whenever I approach a-winning show dog, the owner (who also produces them) is very nice and welcomed me even when im just interested in learning more about race.donc I guess it is worth try, the attitude varies from person to person anyway. and if a breeder, you deprive your dog dream, then this is the time that u should go for shelter

  • Are you going to the line of work or show online? (Just curious). As long as you do your research in advance, which seems to be what you did, you should not get laughed at. If you do, it will not create a good relationship between you and a breeder, you do not already know all that well and you may be one of the addresses below or go to a breeder and I différent.Sauf the breeder were close enough that he / she could laugh at something that I ask, then I’d probably look for a puppy elsewhere.

  • A good breeder is not snobby, but they are not about to let one of their dogs to go in a bad situation. Let their puppies to new homes is not just a commercial transaction. This litter was years in the making. There was a lot of planning and worrying fact. Most breeders I know will let a puppy go to a first time dog owner if they feel the person is really committed and they will be able to keep the lines of communication open for years to come. A well bred GSD is a wonderful animal. Go to some dog shows and find the ring of GSD. See who is in the ring during classes Bred-By and politely ask to speak with them when they come out. They have a couple chairs and crates somewhere near the ring to watch where they go and introduce yourself. Understand that they are interested in dogs in the ring, do not expect their attention until Best of Breed is announced.

  • I have more difficulty managing the race and do not mind the owners for the first time as long as they are serious about it. Primary teachers are my favorites, they have no problem with the firm and kind discipline: Do not listen to what “people say,” go talk to some responsible breeders.

  • Ditto the above comments are about how breaders. I recently attended an obedience class, where some 80 yr old woman showed a 9-month GSD puppy that the family apparently had it, probably for the “protection”. She did in the second session of an hour, then was asked to leave and advised to re-home the dog. The puppy just could not sit still for more than 5 seconds. He was barking, rushed on the other dogs to play, and trying to hunt for all the distractions. All. So it was touch and gently plead with him on a low tone to settle every other dog moved to Lyon and to learn to focus on what was asked of them, even with everything going on. This dog did not know how to sit quietly and calmly interract with humans and other dogs. No way in hell were his daily exercise needs are met, and a master of weak will not make things worse. I love that thought it was the right house for chien.C this is why good breeders can be picky. This is for the good of the dog. Somebody has to do. Because most potential owners are really after a specific breed because her physically attractive or known to have certain traits they desire, and very few put much thought to the needs of the dog. Put a sporty, high maintenance, race naturally athletic with an owner who wants to walk for ten minutes, then seal it in a yard or house all day. You end up with an impressive, energetic, job-oriented dog that is bored and wired and has no positive outlet for his natural tendencies. Impulsive behaviors become dysfunctional learned. Entire breeds a bad reputation because of it. They say that their dog refuses to listen and will not accept training due to being stubborn and spiteful. Good dogs get screwed and end up in difficult situations because somene put little thought into it other than “it would be cool to have one of these,” or “this breed is beautiful and would make a good job of looking at the house and protection of the wife and children.

  • * Sighs * Sorry but your friend is more than likely upset because he was refused. Guess what? This is what breeders are doing good. why is it that you are suddenly a snob because she is selective of where the puppies that have probably been years in the planning going? The job of a good breeder is to match the right dog with the droit.Vous holder can be read on race all you want, but if you have zero experience in dog here you willing to “No” to the motBon your friend to be happy with her dog shelter. However, it’s never going to get a good breeder to sell as long as he continues to act as if he is entitled to whatever dog they want and they are automatically forced to sell for him.

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