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How Difficult to train dogs: Teaching a Daschund to Sit Using Dog Obedience & Training

Learn how to teach your daschund to sit by watching this free dog obediencevideo. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid. Filmmaker: EVs

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  • what? I can not understand you … you can take it in HD?

  • Learning not your Dachshund to sit, unless you want ASTRONOMICAL vet bills!

  • yes … I tried the thing with the treat and the next time when I told my dog ​​sit she was like?” ok sooo where’s my treat I’m just like you treat me” are just wrong to give the dog treat

  • She gives the dog the treat before it really starts to sit. LOL. The treatment is not to assume a reward after this meeting be? This is hilarious.

  • ever thank you, because my mother let me finally get a dog and I have one her name is still dipper shes very small and now shes doing great you are a great person and she now knows how to sit!

  • People pay money for this kind of training that is really triesthet giving dogs treats is like giving girls diamonds They just want the treat show us a video of treat no treats no diamonds End of story cookie push is so 1950 hondentrainingIk have a system called the first command response k9dojo next generation dog training

  • back, buttocks, I think I get it. : 0

  • When the snack above her head to keep to get it, just push it gently, not hard and barely put your hand on her ass just enought for her to know you want her to put down her ass. Try that

  • I can train without my snacks. Do not mind giving it to them, but they will always expect that if you want them to do what you say. I’ld rather just give them a snack, but because rewarded. My reward says good boy, good girl. They r much more satisfied than snacks, then at the end of the day if they have been good, they get rewards.

  • how is Daschund prononced dock sunbathing or dash hound

  • Yes … it is a German word. “Dock sundz”

  • Woot, I’ve learned my daschound to give her leg :))

  • same with mine my father got mine nutered ago a few days and we thought it would CLM him down, but he still works in the same

  • dock suns?

  • My Daschund is a small ball of fire and only relaxes when he exuhsted

  • when my dach lies on the ground, he puts all his weight on his legs and his, but never touches the ground … it’s just hovering a few inches above the ground! he is so cute.

  • Do you have a dachshund? They are so hard to train. Sit easily with my Dachs, but if the woman showed so they remain difficult. Or they try to call if you are a bit away from them.

  • good post, dogs are not hard to trained!

  • I have a jack russel terrier. and im trying to get her to sit down. I put the treat above her head through her nose and maybe a little back, so they have to sit down to get it. but instead, she jumps either a little or walk backwards to get it. any help?

  • ohhhh thank you my doxie I was having a difficult time with basic commands

  • tnx I train my daschund dog πŸ™‚ now! ‘

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  • Uhhmm not real, but sometimes they are not always

  • mine is well she does it with one leg under her his hard floor and the other on carpet and carpet

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