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How do I get rid of an old dog?

question : How do I get rid of an old dog First of all, know that I did not ask for the dog, my dad just brought to day.The home a dog is “trained” (ie used “wee-wee pads”) to relieve the paper on the floor. however, he urinated on the carpet in a certain place, and rarely visited the place since, especially at night, when no one is home, or when I’m alone at home. My father complains that he should shampoo the carpet when the dog urinates on it, but nobody has bothered to train or discipline him, unless you count the drive from my father around the house with a broom a few times when it happens. When my father comes home, we both know that the dog urinated because it will run into my room to hide, what I find agaçant.Personnellement, I think we do not need a dog. I do not remember any kind of robbery have taken place. Moreover, the dog damages the incoming mail slot, a behavior reinforced my father. Nobody bothered to teach him not to faire.Aujourd ‘Today, while my father and I took him to get his nails trimmed, a single was released without being cut, and a nerve was exposed. impromptu examination at the clinic prescribed painkillers and antibiotics came to about $ 100. now the dog has his leg wrapped to prevent infection.’s dog is about twelve years. I know it is very late to give him, but as I said, I did not ask for the dog. If I can just give it up for adoption, so much the better. If it must be euthanized (I know I’m getting ahead of this), so be it. I seem cold and unfeeling, but I do not want not that dog in the house, even if it is not mine, sometimes it is quiet, other times it is a nuisance.Comment can we go about the process of giving the dog up? Qu ‘is he euthanasia? Best answer: Response

by imsohot
Take it to the pound? Give it to someone?

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  • the drop in the lake.

  • Get that dog out of your house and someone who gives a shit about it.

  • to cede to the abride father pick her

  • This is not your dog, this is not your home, it is not your decision.

  • Give him a refuge! At least he will find a better home there bas.Qu ‘is he euthanasia? If you ever dare think about putting the dog to sleep, I will personally hunt you down. I have 4 dogs and I turned out okay! If you can not even handle a dog, it’s a little sad.

  • Give the dog to someone who really cares about him. TROLL. ^ _ ^

  • I >> cold air insensibleYep. You faire.Parler of euthanasia is stupid. Euthanasia is the deliberate killing of an animal, when it is in the interest of the animal. There is no benefit in killing the dog, you have explained. Is it terminal? Not what you dit.Aussi, you say you do not “need” a dog. We not “need” parents either. Could you kill them once they have reached their goal? Maybe a little compassion would not hurt, and you may find that the dog is the best friend you’ll ever have. Spend some time training it, it’s not like you have to climb Everest

  • It is very sad that you have such a feeling for small animals. It is an older dog, he has never been trained or paid attention while and now it is a burden to you. It’s too bad, he lived his life with people who do not give a rat’s ass about him. A dog needs to be out to do his business, not have to use “wee wee pads” in a basement. Dogs are very social animals and need love and attention. I suggest you take the poor dog to the humane society or animal control where he probably will not be adopted, but be humanely euthanized.

  • I understand that you do not ask for the dog but what if your parents have not asked you and wanted to get rid of you??? You could have taken the time to train the dog. Perhaps, instead of chasing an innocent animal with a broom, someone should show him love and understanding, it is amazing what a dog can learn. My boyfriend has been away on a family emergency for the last month, I have 3 large dogs. I only have two arms and can only walk two at a time, at best. And some mornings I walked only one at a time … sometimes the other (s) could not wait. So they would go to the cellar and urinate. Does it bother me? Of course he did! I chase them with a broom. Absolutely not. I had the mop, I cleaned, told them they were not good dogs but I never raised my voice or hit! It was not their fault that they could not tenir.Vous are a heartless person, you were right about that. The dog should be happy in his golden years are not chased by a brush or just threatened with abandon!

  • Call the vet and ask their honest opinion as to whether they think the dog is healthy enough to be placed, or if it is time to put it down. Older dogs do not do well was tossed, and there is no human reason to send it to someone else, if it does not set. Keep in mind, some volunteers emergency prefer older dogs give their final resting place, and sometimes you can actually give them a good place to be for the time they have left. Some may even managed to turn something like this in a much better situation than you have now. Go to and find a rescue organization near you that will take. They can make an honest assessment of whether it might be placed. Please find one that says it’s a rescue “no-kill”, as it will at least give him a chance. If the vet said it would be nice to put the dog down, it can not explain the process. There is no reason why a dog should be forced to remain in a situation where it is not monitored so as not to pee in the house. Being constantly in trouble as it is not a place any dog ​​would want to be. I do not like the sound of the dog being chased with a broom – which is punitive, not informative. I hope someone takes in – if not, I hope you can be there for him if they put him down. He should know that someone cared about him, at least a little.

  • you prefer to have the dog put down as your butt down and train yourself? Man the **** up. im not sure why you are annoyed by the dog’s nail down? it’s not like he withdrew himself for lols, a nerve is exposed … to be painful than anything the poor. Cost you more than keeping a dog, if I were your father put you dehors.Le Username dog whines probably less than you anyway.

  • sounds like a bad scene all the way around. POOR AND YOU poor chien.Weil only thing I can say is that if your room has, he feels that you are the person he can count on the protection and réconforter.cela said and I including hope, it really is up to you to make a decision about his well-being. after all, it is the breath of life is you are dealing with this dose feel pain and peur.pourquoi not call your vet and ask if they know someone who would like to have a dog and a room for him, and a courtyard. Make sure you are honest with him about his behavior and defects points.évidemment good you do not need a dog or other animal to take care of yourself and look more overwhelmed. animals take a lot of attention and work, you can have enough to deal with without anyone to add an extra burden on your time and energy. first thing to perhaps tell dad to grow up and stop additions to the house of the famille.d the other hand, he may try to return the poor dog to where he was, even if she had to start a family. otherwise let him pay for additional give it a good home for a semaine.en meantime, please tell your father to lose his composure and hunting dog nd around the house with a broom n ‘ is not only mean, it makes the situation worse. and one of you can try it out for frequent walks so he could use the bathroom, as before you indulge in a endroit.une Another thing you can do is when you clean the carpet where he pees is to spray the area with white vinegar it will remove the smell and he will lose interest in this endroit.avoir animals around is not for everyone. So you say dad enough. it is not right for you or the poor dog, and it should put its self in the place of dogs and ty for a moment to imagine how confusing and sad it is to be trapped in a situation where you are undesirable and hated and misunderstood. Perhaps it will be wise and leave the side of someone who takes care of the animal for what it is and not just another possession.

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