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How do I introduce my dog ​​to my cat?

Question ? How do I introduce my dog ​​to my cat I bought a beautiful 7 month old German Shepherd puppy. He has not had much training or discipline in his other house. But I worked a lot with him yesterday and he learns quickly, so it is not a problem to train. Its former owners who were selling him said he never cared about the cats that come into their neighbors yard. But thats in the yard … Would it be different with a cat near the house (actually I have two)? Or my cats be like those who worry if they met, who would attack … dog with teeth or cat with claws? My new puppy has not had good “training” in socialization. Please help and I would like to hear ideas and advice! Best answer: Answer by

Launi * Built Ford Tough * Introduce
on a leash. If it is “curious” fine. If he is prey driven you may have one or two problème.Un blows on the nose with good claws make him think twice ……..

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  • introduce them when he has a laissevos cats may not like it, but they will get used. my aunt and her fiance have 4 cats and 2 dogs and they get along very biensi your dog attack your cats they will put in its place … a couple smear him in the right way. I hope: P

  • outside, while the dog is on leash. when the cat runs away he said to the dog who’s boss.

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