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How do I post an ad for the newspaper to the sale of an animal?

Syetta Question : How do I post an ad for the newspaper to the sale of an animal I want to sell my puppy around how much will it cost? “Puppy Rat Terrier for sale “<- (bold)" playful, intelligent, house training, 8 weeks old, a little shy, formed cratle " Best answer: Answer

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Hi there … to list an ad in the local paper you need to contact their classified division. The newspaper will have a phone number somewhere in the paper. I would not ask a specific tax on your ad instead of the state “adoption fees apply” and then discuss with the parties when you contacter.Parce potential that everyone here is from around the world also consider post an ad in a free online service such as Petfinder or your local Craigslist and the look of your state, then city, then in the Community system and the pets section. Be sure to include a small adoption fee deterred people who are looking for a pet free to sell to research laboratories, used for the formation of bait for dogs, snake food or worse mistreatment. Ask prospective adopters that you want to make a home inspection monthly for 3 months to ensure the welfare of the dog as well. You can negotiate the adoption fee if you feel you have found a good home and refund the money after a few months.

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