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How do I prevent my dog ​​chew toys for my son?

Question mom of two beautiful ♂ !? How do I prevent my dog ​​chew toys for my son It’s getting very frustrated because my dog ​​knows he is not supposed to chew his toys, he knows! He just wanna chew toys for my son because I think my dog ​​is jealous of my son. My dog ​​had toys of his own. He knows what his toys but he is still chewing toys to my son, no matter what, before my dog ​​does not do that now, and he does it almost every day! When I got here around him, he will not chew it, but when I’m not around him, he chews! It is making me very angry, because it’s toys and my son is my son’s favorite toys that I had to throw it’s not fair! and now my dog ​​is chewing almost everything. I am also waiting with my second due in March again, so I do not want my dog ​​go on like this when my second baby coming. Please help me. Please do not tell “to train dogs” ….. In case if you need to know – this is a Yorkie, and January, it will be a year so how can I stop it? Yo LO! – Yes, I have the door, but my dog ​​can jump out of the door, and he can jump higher than step 4. My dog ​​can not be separated to be in the room toys because we live in the basement so no room here, but your idea was good, there is no other idea? Best Answer = : Answer by Yo

LO! Grins Aussie
Keep the dog in a separate room of toys – baby wonders Doors work for dogs and children. Honestly, a dog does not know the difference between dog toys and kid toys – If she is lying on the floor is fair game

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  • I do not think the dog can be expected to know the difference between a toy and another.

  • i kind of have the same problem … one thing is to take the toy he chewed and hold it in front of their face and when they go for it, pop them on the head pretty good and firmly say NO. then back in front of them and do it again .. about the third time or two, the dog will turn away from him, no matter how you say it in front of them .. other than that, so you just have to keep the dog away from him or keep clean. I had the same kind of problem .. So now, I close the bedroom doors and discipline. Good luck and I hope this helps! 🙂

  • aww .. xYorkies are always like that mine is tropconserver toys out of reach .. hes too small to reach a shelf anyway … Do not let the dog approach the area where children play and also spend time wif ur dog .. loneliness

  • Why are you throwing a tantrum and give your puppy human characteristics? He sees a toy on the floor, he chews on that. It is not jealous, he does not know the difference between his toys and kid … It’s a dog. And this young. And youngsters who have not been taught not to chew chewing something will * all *. Why should I not say you trained him? It needs to be trained not to chew, of course. If you do not want him chew toys for your son, you have to take * all * toys in scope or tidy-up of your son. Or crate him when you are not there to watch what he does. Cases (especially for a Yorkie) is not expensive. Try crate training, see what happens …

  • You win the prize for most in a single Anthropomorism poste.C is availability, not jealousy. And all he knows is that he is a puppy with an access to things covered in the soft scent of her famille.S it does the fact that this option when you are not there, whether it crate when you can not watch it, * or * tidy-up before you leave. Make sure it has easy access to chew toys or he may ** have, and offer those as an alternative.

  • I think dogs just think of toys as toys. They do not belong to one person. When your son is done playing with them immediately storing. Or get a bigger baby carrier. Anyway, you’re going to put the foot down and take charge.

  • i used to flavor chewing fried chicken (about $ 8 at Wal-Mart) with my dogs.if they start chewing something I will remove it and then give them a chew bone chip.also would be nice sometimes ( make sure the bone) cooked or boiled

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