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How do I “train” my old dog to like cats?

Question ? How do I “train” my old dog to like cats Okay, my dog ​​HATES cats. She is very territorial. She really wants to kill them. We had a few cats couple before, but we kept in the building (they were babies), but we had to get rid of them because of my dog. She is old enough, if it affect everything? We’ve had him for like 6 years and has been like this since we’ve had. Yeah, I know we should have tought when we got him, but we never thought we’d get cats or other animals while we had her and she was quite old when we got him. But how could I make him love cats or animals? I read somewhere that putting a muzzle on them for the first couple of times they meet, and stuff like that, but does this mean? What can I do? I really want an answer chaton.Meilleure : Answer by

the ONLY thing that ur dog will get used to cats is time .. The dog will probably never like cats, but she can learn to tolerate being around them. she just has to get used to it. and needs to b if the attack shouted. eventualy it; will learn they are the pets too, and she goes the only leaave just because she knows shes supposed to, not because she wants too

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  • I think you should put them in two different rooms, or perhaps a corridor, with one of these baby gates to test them in the passage of time. Then when they got used to the other, you might be able to have them in the same room. It takes time, so be patient. If this does not work, call Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer).

  • First, when you get a kitten and you have other pets that you place the new in a room with the door closed. Always let them sniff each other for a couple of days, then you change the tower and place them as pets in the room. After a while they should be good. You bring a new pet into their home where there were no other animals. I would not use a gun on the dog. They can not breathe right. In time they will just love each other. But it takes time.

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