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how do you know when your puppy actually has to go to the bathroom?

Question by Q: how do you know when your puppy actually has to go to the bathroom?

10 weeks old. shes “potty trained” she knows where her pad is and she knows shes supposed to pee there. She has the occasional accident. (in her cage when we dont take her to the bathroom in time) BUT at night she keeps EVERYONE up with her whining. Its either she whines all night – we take her- she doesnt go. or she whines all night- we take her- she goes. Now she goes to the bathroom like 4 times a day. (mostly pee, poop once a day usually.) But how do you know?! She wakes us up at random times and waiting for her to do her business for 20 minutes isnt fun at 2 in the morning.

shes being crate trained for now (She doesnt leave her crate except to go to the bathroom, to play, or to sit with us.)

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Answer by Princezza_Tukiitah
During the day my dogs will circle around before they have an accident. I would take your puppy to pee maybe 1 or 2 times a night at most, becuase it sounds like she’s just trying to get out of the cage.

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  • Well all dogs are different. Mine was potty trained when my fiancĂ© and I got her but she doesnt whine or bark to go out. She will just wander around or sit by the door. But my neighbors dog would run up to someone, bark, then if they said ” outside” he would bark and run to the door

  • well she may run to where the cage is and they go in little circles before they go so if your far away from her cage just take her outside and make her go out there.

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