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How do you Somone also try to “train” your dog?

question by a girl and her dog : How do you Somone also try to “train” your dog For example, I had a roommate who took my dog Velcro for a walk. Missy (the dog) was left without leave and not come back immediately, so my roommate rolled and pinned him, saying that this is something she has seen done before and basically crediting that with a good Missy behavior. I was upset, but what was done was done, so I did nothing in this situation.Qu that is what you do or what would you do if you found a roommate, friend, child or spouse was using a training method that you disagree with? It was some time ago, and I just shrugged. I am mainly wondering if anyone of you have had similar experiences with someone dipping in and training. Thank you for your answers very far! Best answer: Answer by Chihuahua

I flip out. I would say please do not do it again, if my dog ​​happens to many technical training in his head, it could get confused!

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  • How is the velcro was unbuckled! Be more careful nexttime always check with your legs. Confront them is always the best method. Show them “proof” … some are stubborn and believe what they believe. They could throw in the tactical internet is usually gibberish. =]

  • The first time? Ask them politely to do pas.Je never had to ask for a second fois.La important thing is that you ensure that your dog is well trained. If you feel the need to improve, take him to a recognized trainer and follow their methods. Do it as long as you are happy with these méthodes.C is your dog, you have to live with the consequences of any training, good or bad. Therefore, you should be in control – not your (probably well-meaning) friend.

  • It bother me nearly as much as someone disciplining my children in front of me! And I do not have children very well – at least 🙂 publiqueDites him please do not repeat this behavior because it goes against your philosophy of training and confuse the dog. How dare she take credit for all your hard work, after a walk!

  • Well, for starters I recommend you have a serious conversation with them. Explain that you do not agree with their training methods they use on your dog and firmly say that it must stop. (Especially if they do not really know what they do. It seems to me that the roommate of yours does / does not have a clue when it comes to dog training good) It is your dog. If someone has to be it training, it must be vous.Bonne luck!

  • You can not have a lot of people trying to train your dog. This confuses the animal alone and he finally listen to anyone. Then tell your roommate that you would appreciate it if they do not try to train your dog while you are training.

  • No trains ever your dog. Ever. I do not have this problem. Partly because I am a dog trainer to train my dogs nobdy tries. Partly because I do not allow anyone to touch my dogs, except that we are on a therapy visit or there is a reason for training. What your friend was stupid and dangerous. She will understand this when she is bitten. She was trained your dog is a bad idea to come when appelé.Obtenir a kennel and lock it if this continues her roommate idiocy.

  • I have people occasionally tell me my dog ​​was stretched unnecessarily high. Then they tried to tell me if you do this or that, you will not have a problem, trust me. I just told them that my dog ​​is already trained and keep their opinions and training tips for eux.En as a responsible dog owner I take this kind of criticism personally. All dogs generally like to run around, it is natural and good for them.

  • Dogs need discipline and consistency. Missy should not have been left out of the lease if his behavior is a problem. Although I do not disagree with the method of your roommate, within reason, it does not happen if your neighbor to impose the penalty on Missy. it would be your job as the “master”. we have a family dog ​​who is very intelligent and good … but tends to wander if given the chance. Maddie responds well to the direction of me, our son and daughter, and even neighbors when called or corrected … But when my husband runs his … she is on her toes to the attention. It is his master. His training integrated with the rest of us and the neighbors (the neighbors love her because she was a puppy from one of them), but he is the boss. You must be responsible for Missy and your roommate must respect that and you must let them know that you train the dog in your own way. Maybe they will move and you can get a better roommate.

  • First, I would say do not let anyone try to train your dog. It’s your job and if you want help you need to work together and make training the same way so do not confuse the chien.Deuxièmement, I would ask him not to walk the dog again too.

  • My dogs are well behaved. They sorta listen to others, but not even close to how they listen to me. I only had a couple of times someone tries to correct my dogs. The only time that really sticks in my head when my GSD was a puppy (about 10 weeks.) We were in a guest house and my dog ​​decided to dig into the water bowl in the kitchen. A friend was standing next to him and tapped him on his buttocks hard enough. Honestly, I was really upset. I let him know in a way that was not sugar-coated, that if ever he did it again, we would have a big problème.Selon the situation, I may or may not mean anything. Somethings are best ignored, but if the situation would be detrimental or unfair, I would correct the person in a heartbeat. I’d probably get pretty pissed if someone rolled alpha one of my dogs. I tend to be quite protective of my animals.

  • There are strict guidelines in that the way someone else with my dogs. Family members are allowed to feed, walk and interact with my dog, but there will never be any training done by someone else and me, which is written in the dog has pierre.Le not need to become confused in his mind having someone else try and give orders. I do not let people outside the family touched my dogs, ever, so there is never usually a problem there either and if it really came down to him and no one is forced to my dog, they would have bitten, I’m sure all my dogs tend to be dominant and would not accept an order from someone else.

  • In general, I have no problem with people training with my dog ​​- with a “No!” or a short, firm reprimand. I think dogs need consistency and get away with something under the supervision of a person and get punished by another will only create problèmes.Cependant, there is an exception when it comes training methods I disagree with. I’ve never had such an experience, but if someone knocked or caught my dog, I flip out pronto. I disagree strongly with physical force or intimidation tactics unless they are absolutely called for a last resort – and my dogs would not require such treatment. I would probably say that person out of my dog ​​- possibly in less polite terms – and never try again. For me, it would be like someone slapping my enfant.Bien course this is professional discount that I would trust to know better than I would.

  • Training is a bonding experience and no one should be training your dog but YOU.Unless course you want the dog in mind that no one better than she you.You tell your friend that the “rolling” technique is completely out limits.It does more harm than good and if it does’nt think you ask her how she would be pleased that you have rolled and pinned her whenever she misbehaved? Then look at how instantly defensive about how the defensive threat.Then simple, it became.Then ask her what she thinks through the mind of the dog when it feels threatened? In wild dogs caught by the neck and drag their prey to the ground when they kill.So basically what your friend has done is told your dog if you do not behave, I’ll kill you.if it continues to do for your dog that it can and will cause behavior problems worse than simply not to return when his called.Forbid to take your dog off leash if it is imperative if it does’nt work her.And as to tell him directly that you paid for this dog. You to buy food and pay veterinary bills.You are legally responsible for any problems it may cause the general public and if she would like to buy the dog you then and only then, it may decide to use training techniques or not, but until she forks over the cash it needs to back off and stop disrespecting you and your dog with such stupidity.And you need to move it down a few notches by explaining as a dog run when the train does not have to anything, much less behave.And it is dangerous to use all the techniques she saw on TV once without understanding exactly what ‘she doing.There warnings are those that run these shows several times thruout programs for a reason.

  • I had this problem with a roommate, I was the only result of the training. After my divorce, I had to temporarily move in with a friend while my pets stayed with my parents. My friend had a Siberian was given as a gift Husky. She did not want the dog to begin with, and while she loved the dog, it did nothing to train him. It was a wild, wicked beast that tore the house pottied on everything, dug holes, screaming, and was generally a nuisance. She said she did not train, it did not have time. The dog was then confined to a cage for 16 hours a day just go to the bathroom and then go outside and be horrible for about two hours until the roommate couldnt stand. Back in the crate the dog went. I did not think it would be if I keep began his training. I would take him for long walks, his train during the time I was home, I took him to my room and play with her. In two weeks the dog was 75% better and all of a sudden wouldnt go to ALL roommate. My roommate was so upset. She shouted after me that I “ruined” his dog. I was so surprised, disgusted, surprised, hurt and confused. Here I took my time to improve his dog devil and shes yelling at me I lost it? I tried to explain, but all I could do was apologize, leave the dog alone, find a new home, and then leave her a long letter about how I would come to her investigation late cruelity if she did not let this dog out of the box more. It was an abuse of confining the dog in a cage for as long as she does. Within 3 weeks, it has the dog away to find a new foyer.Quelques times people just do not understand. They think they do well. With management you will never know how they feel. So talk to your friend telling him to never do it again, and try to explain that the dog is in training with you. There is a saying. “You can not have two roosters in a henhouse” One owner for the dog!

  • There are many methods to train a dog as a trainer and breeder, I am often put in the position of someone Else dog training. when someone else dog training method that the dog reacts to the first stage, with this using the same method consistently have the objectives of the owners for their pets in mind is very important. after a few weeks time alone with the dog, I can require the owner to be part of the training that the dog is their pet and they need to respond to me more. I also hold classes where the owner is there through the whole process. what your roommate did not just …. It probably does not affect your pet beyond that day. Unleashed fleeing after your pet is an issue of obedience and is easily formed, but you either do yourself or join a class and have done so. your pet needs to listen to you first and foremost. there are many books that are well educated on how to obedience train your dog using various methods, check your local library or bookstore.

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