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How do you train a dog? Or is it even possible?

Katslookup Question – Promote a fool ! How do you train a dog? Or is it even possible? From what I read here on YA, I have determined that dogs can not be housebroken. Puppies, they jump on people, biting children, and whine all the time. They get fleas, ticks and worms, which are not the fault of the owner, of course! They like to do damage by chewing up son, cats, and even sofas! So instead of keeping them, people want to get rid of them because they “have no possitive qualities!” But then I see a question that states that dogs can be “trained”! What this training allusive? What does anyone else know? Is it just something of a “secret” society knows and will not share with the rest of us? TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS! Best answer: Response

by ann s
i trained my dog ​​well socialize him, exercise him, teaching him basic commands and training caisse.La half the people who want to rid of their dog just need to exercise their dog and pay some attention to him.Dogs are not disposable, they are not intended to be transmitted from one house every time they do something bad. Dogs are not born understanding English or house training, people need to realize training is mandatory.

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  • lol, they can be trained easily with a little know-how. In most cases you mentioned, it is the person who needs training

  • The dogs know exactly what is happening is people who need training!

  • Well said DP. There are people who have a clue, they are the ones who need training .. The dog is really smart!

  • Have you tried caging him. Is it a parasite or he used to be an exterior door. Regardless of age, you may want to form the cage. I have a Jack Russell Terrier who pissed in my apt w / tile for 3 years and then I moved into a house and got a doggy door and she does not do more. It does not stop to pee because of the dog door, but because it is in a new place. She has never scored a point from day 1. BUT, I know that works crate training. My mother found a rottweiler male 57 lbs walking the hot streets in Pompano Beach. It has adopted and now he is an indoor dog. It was pissing in his house until two weeks ago (she cleans with bleach or this stuff called “Fabuloso” It works great and just feels so clean dog pee avoid in this area, as well. She gives him water and brought him out (in the morning) for as long as he wants to stay out, then he barks to come in. When he went to pee (when she saw about to lift the leg), she smashed in the head, eye, ear, buttocks, or w the water bottle as she watered her plants with. It has always shocked and shouted NO. It s stopped him peeing in the house and now remains in the kitchen (she closes the doors of others), when she is at work and it does piss. He completely arrêté.Bonne luck with your dog. Do not give up and not to give her does not “object.” Even if it probably pisses directly in front of you. Rules and change chiens.Stérilisez Please.

  • Yes. This is a company secrète.Voulez you join? First, you must have common sense. Then you have to think why you want a dog. Determine if you have the proper home / environment to house a dog. Then you must decide if you have time and patience to deal with a dog. Then you need to have incentive and initiative to get off your duff and research how to care for and train a dog. Buy books, videos buy. Then, using intelligence, research races …. not just look at the pictures and you say “oooo this is soooooooo cute!” Then, get a real, knowledgeable, responsible breeder and visit their dogs IN PERSON. Ask them for their knowledge and assistance. And the dog must enroll in training classes to learn how to train your dog if you have not managed to train dogs of your own avant.Alors think a little more before buying. Then, if you have not learned enough, read a little more.

  • Yeah … just give them a little time and patience ….. Dogs are not born trained …. makes me angry too.

  • Believe me … I really do understand your frustrations.J hope that some people here have learned from those who know better, that their dogs are behaving badly does not really have to be this way. I guess that’s why I always come back …

  • This training is an illusion called work. And since many people in this country are opposed to working hard, they can not therefore possible to have dressés.Ce dogs are the same people that the reason their children 2 years WHY they are not throwing toys . They have conversations with their children as if they were adults. They talk to their dogs awaiting comprendre.La training is to work – but it is not impossible. People will spend 500.00 on an Xbox, 500.00 on a digital camera, from 45.00 per month on the internet, 1600.00 or more on this cool LCD HDTV, but they will not spend 85.00 for 6 weeks of training chien.Lucky tonight was the class in two weeks and really, really made a turn around – even the coach was pleased with his progress. But you know what – it’s an everyday thing for us. 45 minutes minimum a day’s walk and another 30-40 minutes a day working on seat, Downs, stays, etc.. It’s a job. And people want quick training of dog food, drive through dog training, they want the perfect magic dog that does not simply exist.

  • Dog training is not a secret, but it is work. And “work” is the second secret training with succès.La first? You must be smarter than the dog.

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