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How house train a dog?

question : How to house-train a dog I get a new dog adopted today. After having my dog ​​outside-fly. I decided that I want a dog inside. I’ll probably be getting a Dachshund or Beagle. Anyway how can I train my dog ​​to be “House-trained” What supplies do I need? And what are the methods that I can use to “potty train it?” _Thanks! Best answer: Response

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  • When I bring a new dog home, I first go for a walk with her (with collage), then take it to the “bathroom”, where we hang out for a while before going inside. Housebreaking is just establish a habit, and if the dog knows where the “bathroom” area is from the beginning, it is much easier. Hopefully the dog will go while you are away, as the beginning of a good habitude.Les early days, I take the dog outside every two hours, just after eating just before bedtime, and the first thing in the morning, before the dog is allowed anywhere in the house. If there is an accident inside, I take the dog and clean up the mess with an enzymatic cleaner that will remove any cash odeur.Je dog during the night when I can not regarder.Une time the dog shows it includes only the concept of going outside, you can give him more freedom. Dogs welcome, I bring home are generally reliable in less than a week, and I have dozens of well behaved dogs. ****** DO NOT use puppy pads – those who come to teach the dog to use the house as a bathroom. DO NOT force the dog’s head in the mess …. this is completely unnecessary. If you catch the dog in the act, give a simple NO (no spray) and escort the dog in the right zone.NE NOT touch the dog or wait for it to go in a box – a dogs natural instinct is not not go where he sleeps – you use this to your avantage.Teckels very well as indoor dogs – all dachshund I’ve ever known has been kept in the house.

  • I think you need a water spray, carpet puppy, doggie diapers, and an area outside your home where there is no carpet in a containment area. First let him run and play. when he / she pees on the floor, use one hand to push the puppy’s head to the mess for about 10-20 seconds and wait a moment before he pees nettoyer.quand poop or just spray with a bottle of water twice and it is very rapide.le put in a box with carpet and let puppy pee on them. leave it there until you feel its time to take them out (one hour or less). use a diaper so that when doggy dog ​​poop or pee, he will get itchy and irrate.

  • Firstly, Dachshunds and Beagles are dogs better outside. Consider a small dog like a pug, corgi, etc. for a dog inside. If it is a puppy, then get durable chew toys to chew. If she ever chooses an object like a pen or pencil, etc., then place your fingers gently around his snout and say NO BITE. The form each time by not bark he barks, place your fingers gently around his snout and say NO BARK. Do not use water spray method. Potty training can take some time. I know three modes faire.Wee Wee pads: This method only works on small. Buy wee wee pads. Your dog pee on the pad. After 3-6 days, a newspaper put underneath. Increase the number of newspapers. After a while, remove the tampon pee. Your dog will be trained to pee on journaux.fournitures: wee wee pads and journaux.Formation Crate: This method does not exactly potty trained your dog, but it prevents your dog from peeing in the house. Install a pen near your veranda door. Keep your dog in the pen, only leaving when he plays, etc. All 2-3 hours, leave your dog in the yard to its affaires.fournitures: pens / Case / cageRandonnée Walking: I use this method. Every 2-3 hours, walk your dog. Fix a place for it to pee / poop. Every time he does his business, say Go Potty Potty Time and then give him a treat and praise. Once your dog learns that sorta, show him the treat and say Go Potty or Potty Time. We need to go potty. Finally, lay off with candy and say Go Potty Potty Time or. It should be able to do business without friandises.Fournitures: leash, collar / harness, carrier name, friandises.Espoir I helped! Postscript Your dog is guaranteed to go pee at least once in your house while you do the potty training phase. So if this is the case, he knocked on the butt with a newspaper and tell NON.Fournitures: Enzymatic Cleaner. (I use the fight against icky poo)

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