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How long did your family to get used to a new puppy?

gamegirl Question : How long did your family to get used to a new puppy We just got a puppy 2 weeks ago and it was a shock to the system for all of us! We love the little Furball, but we always try to get into a routine with her. She bites a lot. Each of us had small bites! She sleeps well and is already “potty trained”. I wondered how long it takes other families to go into a routine and settle! Best answer: Answer by

It takes a little bit, but surely you knew it would work?

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  • About a month to get completely used to it. But this is all part of the fun!

  • It takes some time. I have a little routine with my little it took about a month to get him to do so. It is always a shock to all the work a new puppy. Large breed puppies are more challenging to work given the small breed puppies. I learned the hard way.

  • trying to get used to a pug for over a year, it must be the dumbest dog ever

  • It will take some time, just be patient. It will eventually adjust. Especially outside of this fase bite just make sure it’s not something that is encouraged by playing with it, with just your hands have many toys and bones at hand.

  • it can be difficult to bring a new puppy home, but over time things will go mieux.pour help control the bite, follow these steps: 1. Biting and pinching are signs of excitement in your puppy. Your job is to teach them that while they are excited, they must find a way to show it other than piqueurs.2. If you play with your puppy and his teeth touch your skin with a loud noise to show pain. “Ouch!” “NO!” “STOP!” all work very well, suffice it to say that every time in the same key phrase and word. When the puppy bites, use your loud and stop playing with eux.3. After you notice that your puppy has calmed down, and is visibly sad, you can show your attention puppy again.

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