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How the dog fence that is not your dog to make

Learn how your dog fence that is not your dog. You can use this thread to the transmitter, connect your external border or things that are in the middle of your garden to protect – as landscaping islands or pools. Visit free step-by-step training and installation guides, articles, videos and unbiased product reviews. Video Rating: 5/5

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  • how did you get it to work I am having problems?

  • I understand how to run the wire to the signal annulerenIk am installing the electric fence RightNow and I’m turning, but it will not annulerenHoe can I turn a portion of the wire and leave it in the same direction after the twist? Should I use the threading on all

  • Good info, I found that the wire does not need to be rotated. If you bury two wires together the beds is not a signal to the receiver dogs.

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