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How to convince my parents to adopt a dog?

Question by : How to convince my parents to adopt a dog?

Well there is this husky at the animal shelter by my house and when i saw it I instantly wanted it.
My dad was petting it and he said “She would be a good dog to train.” and i instantly thought that we were going to get the dog haha
My dad argues that it would be another mouth to feed, but im getting a job soon so i could pay for its bills (im 15) he also says that its because we have 4 cats.
The cats never come inside, they are basically stray cats who eat at my house.
The only one that comes inside is the oldest which i bought at a pet store a long time ago.
The dog seems friendly and its not a big dog, its medium size.
How am I going to convince him, i already pretty much convinced my mom, my dad is just as stubborn as a bull >.< My dad is actually very experience with the husky so we know that they have a prey drive. Its common sense. The dog isnt a full breed, it a mutt thats why it isnt a big dog. Im aware that they need plenty of exercise. My mom is a at home mom so she can walk it daily. I would walk it in the morning and after school. Yes the job would in fact be a problem but i can always walk it when i get home at night. College? What does that have to do with anything. Im 15 but im a freshmen. I have plenty of time to plan ahead. o-o the cats. uh thats a problem, but that cats totally disowned my family so they r only around when its feeding time Best answer:

Answer by Taylor
Good thing that you are looking at the shelter! Anyways I would suggest going to visit the dog more often when you have the time. Then do some research on the dog, are they prone to cancer? They may have joint problems due to their size. You will have to feed them twice a day due to their size. Even though it is medium sized, they tend to grow bigger as they grow up. There will be alot of grooming, mainly for fur. To convince your father, do a little presentation, like the breed etc.

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  • A dog should be a family choice, not something that others have been forced into.

    If one person in the family doesn’t want then you will not get the full support when the dog is ill and needs training.

    Huskies are very high energy breeds and they need at least three good-length walks daily and plenty of mental stimulation, so that’s another reason why your whole family needs to agree; you need someone to walk it when you are at school or working. They ideally need an experienced owner as well, and they can be very strong.

    Just think this through. This dog will need tons of mental stimulation and physical exercise daily, it’ll need careful training, and it’ll need three 100% devoted owners.

  • Hard to argue with your dad, because he gave you 2 good reasons. Huskies have a high prey drive and very likely one or more of your cats will get killed. And besides being another mouth to feed, it’s also another medical bill every year. Dogs cost a MINIMUM of $ 850 per year. And the adoption fee is over and above that. Are you going to be earning that kind of money?

    Plus at age 15, you’ll be going off to college in a couple of years. What happens to the dog then?

    The only thing you can do (and it won’t get you this particular dog, but perhaps another) is to save up several hundred dollars, then approach your dad again and tell him you’d like to put that money toward getting a dog and helping with its upkeep. But since mom and dad are the ones who will raise it and be keeping it while you’re in college, both of them better be on board about getting the dog. And choose a dog that has been raised around cats–less chance of his harming your cats.

  • talk to them
    research sibes care and cost
    talk to trainers
    talk to vets
    talk to other sibe owners
    15 in school and working to afford a dog
    when would you train, at least an hour a day
    when would you exercise, at least 6 hours a day
    when would you comb, at least an hour a day
    needs to live in house with family with 24/7 supervision in fenced yard
    if bored dogs will get loud and destructive
    they get bored if not enough exercise and play time

  • And to add to Beautiful Nightmare – Sibes have prey drive. Cats are prey to Sibes. You can call them strays all you want but something tells me you wouldn’t be happy to see those three and/or the one you actually bought become a snack to this dog.

    So unless you and your parents know how to handle a breed like this on top of all the other traits – not a good idea.

  • Huskies aren’t good dogs for first time owners.

    They shed heaps, they’re stubborn, way too intelligent for first timers, high prey drive, extremely energetic and not fit for every day life. They prefer working rather than playing, running rather than walking, chasing rather than watching.

    Research breeds better suited for you, then ask your parents. I doubt you’ll keep up the “payments” for your parents dog.

  • It’s up to mom to talk to him if she’s seriously okay with getting a dog. In the mean time, YOU need to do some serious thinking.

    For instance, as you sure this Husky is the right choice? Huskies are a working dog, bred to pull sleds at fast paces for long distances. Are you ready and able to provide hours of brisk controlled exercise every day? How about mental stimulation, are you ready and able to provide this dog with games and training on a regular basis? Do you have a securely fenced in yard? Is shedding going to be a problem?

    Second, dad is right to be worried about the cost. You mention a job, but is it part time? Full time? I’m guessing they want you to get this job to start saving up for your future – car, college, apartment, etc. How can you if you’re only working part time, but have to pay $ 60+/month (food/prevention) and over $ 300/year (vet) for a dog? It won’t be easy. Dogs are expensive. And what if you go on vacation, can you honestly say you could pay $ 150+ to board this dog?

    He also has to consider that you’ll be going away to college in a few years. Even if you COULD find a campus that will allow a dog (or an apartment near your chosen campus that will rent to a freshman with a high drive pet), chances are you won’t have the TIME. Dog will 90%+ chance have to stay with mom/dad for at least the first year, maybe first two years.

    Let them hash it out. Maybe you could make a chart outlining your pay when you start work, and show them how you will be able to at the very least HELP pay for this dog. Make a schedule outlining how you will be able to work this dog before and after school, and find a trainer experienced with working breeds that might be able to help you TRAIN this dog. That’s about the best you can do. Their house, their choice.

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