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How to crate train a dog?

by maplegirlie

question erskirtz : How to crate train a dog Hi, I just got a siberian husky 2 months. I’ve had her for about a week and a half and it was poop everywhere and eliminating just when I thought I had made, she began to remove back to the house where she used to. I bought Natures Wonder who gets rid of the smell and feces of pets if it wont feel shit and go there. I need to teach him to stay away from things at home. I’ve heard of “crate training”, which is very effective, but my question is how to crate train her? What I need. I have a cage that I ‘ I put wine, but it has a lot so I just let it out if someone can explain to me what crate training is and how merciMeilleure response: Response

by johnny
all dogs need a place where they can relax, feel safe, and away from the kitchen table. leave the crate / cage open. throw candy, let the dog go into the crate by its self. within a day or two, the dog will find that where he treats the rest sleep. undisturbed. if you leave the dog in the crate for the mean night. morning to let him out for a pee. dogs wil l have the idea, when I let out im peeing conditioning etc. and get fed, it is called. dogs usually see them spoil checkout. wil and go outside instead, potty trained, proud owner, happy dog. taking most dogs over three days, if you stick with it, good luck

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  • Try here, I found this site and they have all kinds of advice and assistance. Good luck! easy

  • All dogs will whine at first, but then it becomes their bed, their fortress of solitude. You are the boss, do not answer when she whines. It will eventually stop. So whenever you take him out of the cage, take him immediately to hand. do not come back until it was 1 and 2. She might have to walk up to 45 minutes, then bring it in and let them run around for a while, if you go to work or can not pay attention to it for another reason back in the cage . I have three dogs and a cage above the other and all dogs know who is their cage. And he jumps on top in. They all have their own stuffed animals and toys in their cage. So when she does it well and out of pots you can get into a habit with her to go to his crate for a treat. We always give our dog a treat when they do their business. You see accidents from time to time, but it will get better. I have a dog who loves shit behind my husbands computer chair and then he runs to his cage for hiding and I know exactly what happened before I even get up to regarder.Même when it is in the cage, you have to walk several times a day, and a dog cage prevents them from eating and drinking all day. Because some dogs will eat and drink until they fall out they do not know when to stop. caging them allows you to be in control. Dogs need boundaries.

  • I was a beginner at this too. You start by putting it in the box and let you whine. In fact, you ignore it. Start small and work your way up. Then, when you let it out, take everything out to the toilet. Praise. In this way, it has the idea to go outside and not in the crate. You can try to put a soft towel or blanket in the crate, make his bed, but check the coverage of urine frequently. Some dogs will go on the cover, while others will not. In addition, you need to tell him that you are to “cash” or “his house.” It will eventually associate safety and comfort. If it is bad, you can also say go to checkout! then put it in the crate. Do not forget to feed him at specific times, then take all of suite.La night when training to sleep in a crate, you may need to move the crate near you so that you can reach down and let lick your fingers if it needs a little comfort. Then you can easily hear whining when she has urniate.

  • Try using a word like “kennel” or “go home” and a treat when you put it in. It is also very nice if you take your dog with you on vacation, so they have a familiar place to sleep. My dog ​​bypasses his dog bed and sleeps in his cage instead.

  • It too involved to answer here, I recommend you search. However, the basics are the following: – Get a cage the dog at maturity, can lie comfortably in the score, but for the smaller puppy (there should be enough room to stand and turn or the dog will use a corner of the bathroom) – For your puppy to a dog Bisquit whenever you put it in and give a command such as “kennel” – Flux in the cage and immediately take him to the outside when you’re done – look – and praise perfusely vapor when such a child, do not expect to take more than three hours (longer and you can train the dog to go in the cage) – after six months, they should be able to hold all the keys are the nightThe crate a fun place, do not leave too long, and looking when left outside for him to be hailed the moment he crouched down.

  • many ppl here have good tips on crate training. (Although I think using the crate as punishment is a bad idea presented here) you could also probably find a book or video from the library (you can ask a librarian to help you if you have difficult to find the info) as for the dog to stay away from things she toys? toys could help, but it will learn what it is that she can play with toys. if you play with it regularly with toys that will help you. if she is not interested, you can try to play with them and ignore for a minute that could ignite his intérêt.Je think the best you can do is at least for a few days, when she is out of his cage and not play with you, keep an eagle eye on her, and when she does things that are almost a no-no, tell him “no.” if it starts to chew on something to give him a safe alternative, as a chew toy. when she chooses that rent Sonen more crate training, clicker training is another positive thing you could learn from books or videos. a clicker is really not expensive. This is a non-verbal to say “good job”, they learn to understand as “good job” because you treat every time you use it for the first phase of the formation.Je know it sounds like lot of work, but the time you put in now paying more the best thing about clicker training is that sessions should be short anyway. dog probably will not be able to take more than 10 or 15 minutes of teaching time.

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