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How To each dog perfect obedience to learn! (Sit Down, Stand)

A popular concern new dog owners have is” where to start “when they bring their puppy / dog house. The best place to start is usually with something relatively simple, so the dog-parent can learn to work together as a team and understand the principles of positive reinforcement. Regardless of what you may choose to work on the first, teaching basic obedience serves multiple purposes and is usually considered very important. As demonstrated in this video, by approaching the task with the strategy of a ‘no-fail’, there is no chance of failure and the dog is guaranteed to succeed. As simple as it seems, pay close attention to the order of the steps in this tutorial. The goal of all training should be to motivate the dog to work by creating an atmosphere of fun. A dog should never be forced to do something – and if well trained – never have been. Connect with me! ——————————- FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: EMAIL: Video Rating: 4/5

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  • My puppy just standing after sitting staring at the food in my hand. Is it because I practiced stay with him until he thought he should go down to get the reward? Help:. (I have no idea how to learn to stand on.

  • Can I borrow your dog to teach my dog ​​…….?

  • My dog ​​stop eating bread for dinner, like how it used to be after I started with treats. Can I feed my puppy with treats i used to train as her meal? But of course I use meal time to train my puppy too. Can I do that?

  • My dogg do what I say, as long as I have a treat in my hand, but when I expect him to do anything without a reward he runs around the living room jumping on the couch to crash into everything literally HELP ME?!?

  • same with mine!

  • My 9 week old american bully is doing so well in training and I learned everything from the tab

  • Great tutorial! Saved in my favorites. So nice to have such a well-trained and happy dog ​​watching. Now after 14 months of training I almost feel like a failure as a dog owner, because my dog ​​is not well trained and I know it’s my fault. But I get very inspired by your videos and I get so many great tips from watching, so now I will start again from scratch, and train these three basic commands with my dog. * Off to train with beloved dog * 🙂 ^ .. ^

  • Hey, I have a question! How long will it take for the dog to learn these signals? 🙂

  • simon says …

  • My 9 week old lab does the same. He gets excited to train and sit and then, he could give. He is not motivated by treats, food or toys. Lazybones! haha He is very smart though. He learned to sit in two days and almost housebroken after a week, he’s just stubborn! I try all techniques used TAB. The most useful to train as my dog ​​is ready as a result of boredom, hunger or excitement.

  • You can do avideo about how your dog TrainThe stalking in dog show

  • I have to give it to you, you are a good trainer and ive started to apply what you have said to my partially trained cattle pup. are going so well so fast!

  • i dont have a dog, but when I need cuz I really want, id know what to do, Thanks!

  • my dog ​​just lissen he just dos it 4 treats thiss night a while

  • Your videos in education are completely unmatched sense, no doubt about it. But can you seriously fix your video format? Your face is stretched in every one, it can not be too hard of a fix …

  • how old is ur german shepherd

  • my dog ​​goes into the bathroom and take out tolit Papet

  • you can not really teach that in a nice way, if your dog really loves you they will try to protect you

  • Lol you look like Aladdin. But you are great tips! Thanks a ton <3

  • is it really to believe that fast for them to learn?

  • also reward you with things other than food – make her sit down to open the door, to meet other dogs, for its food, etc. Sometimes dog training is about patience and a positive mind – if you’re frustrated stop the training more relax. loud shouting SIT will probably only a clicker trained dog Naaah go, it does not sound like treats come, also, it took me almost two weeks to get my puppy “down” reliably learn, but after that he is learning faster:)

  • what time of year, any form of training to start?

  • how to teach your dog to defend

  • How long have you been trying?

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