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How to potty train a Yorkie using her crate?

Question by : How to potty train a Yorkie using her crate?

I’ve adopted a Yorkie and the poor thing will be shipped to me in a couple days but I’m super confused on how to “Crate potty train” her. Her breeder said the best way she feels to potty train her puppies is to use their crate. She tried explaining it to me but it’s still a little fuzzy to me. She said to keep her in the crate and take her out to play whenever I want to but every 2-3 hours to take her outside into my yard in the same place every time and to say the same thing every time like “go potty” and then praise her when she does. She said that the Yorkie will love her crate and will not want to come out of it. But does that mean I ALWAYS have to keep her in the crate? What if I want to get her one of those comfy dog beds and take away the crate? Will she know that she has to go potty outside after I take the crate away? I thank you so much for your answers 🙂

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Answer by Ashley Say NO to breeding mutts!
Ok here’s what you do:

Wake up, outside, food, outside, kennel, outside, play, outside, kennel, outside, food, outside, play, outside, kennel for bed, repeat. Any kennel time can be replaced with 100% supervision, and outside time can be replaced with a walk.

Kennels are nice to have if you need a place to put the dog when you are busy, leaving the house, having people/kids over, and for the dog to sleep in when ever they want. I have kennels and dog beds so my dogs pick where they want to sleep.

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  • first of all, i beg you not to allow the puppy to be shipped. it is very traumatizing for them, and they can and do die easily and often from it. any reputable breeder would NEVER ship a dog anywhere. go pick up the dog yourself, or buy locally.

    secondly, while crate training the average breed would be no big deal to them, yorkies can be very temperamental…don’t be surprised if she cries NON-STOP for hours on end while she’s in the crate. when that happens, here’s what i do:

    buy a small exercise pen and put it in the kitchen. put the crate inside the pen with the door open, or off. cover the floor with newspapers, leaving a small uncovered area for her food and water. take her out *at least* every 2 hours during the day when you are home. she will get used to pottying on the newspaper when you are gone and at night (she has no other choice as the whole area will be covered).

    after a couple weeks, gradually reduce the amount of the pen that is covered with newspaper. she will be used to pottying on the paper, and will continue to do so, even when you reduce the amount of area covered to only one or two sheets…within months, she’ll be able to hold her potty for much longer, she’ll stop using the papers altogether, and you can remove the pen if you want…at that point you can also choose to put a big comfy dog bed next to her crate and see if she prefers it…however, my guess is that she won’t, lol.

  • Follow the breeder’s instructions. Pretty straightforward. The idea is to keep her contained in the kennel so that she will not eliminate in the house and not be caught in the act. You can have her out of the kennel as much as you want, if you’re directly watching her. No, you won’t always have to keep her in the kennel. After a couple of weeks she should understand where to eliminate, especially if she receives treats after eliminating outside. Keep the kennel in case she needs to be contained at some point, like if you take her to a hotel that requires her to be kenneled.

    I hope this is helpful!

  • Yes, crate train your dog. Whenever you can’t watch her or whenever you have something to do crate her until he is fully potty trained. Potty training involves establishing routine with your dog so your dog learns to potty on schedule. Take your Yorkie out first thing in the morning, give the potty command then wait for her to poop and pee. The minute she does, praise her and reward her with a puppy treat then back to the crate again. Praise and reward her if she goes back into the crate and behaves.

    Other times that you need to take your Yorkie out to potty is after you finish feeding her and after you finish playing with her. After which, back to the crate again. Keep doing this until she’s over 6 months old. That’s to make sure she is fully trained before you let her have access to your house.

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