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How to stop destructive behavior of my dog? Help!?

Question : How to stop destructive behavior of my dog? Help!? I have a Corgi Mix years adopted a rescue as a 3 stray moisNous leave her alone at home four times a week for seven hours chacuneS’il please understand that we are a normal family that has parents who work full time and children go to school. I know that many families like us who have chiensAlors, when we leave her alone I give him a walk avantJe leaves three toys and a deer antler to chew it if shes ennuyerJe to ignore his 10 minutes before we leave and 10 minutes after our arrival to reduce its anxiétéJe gives him a peanut butter and frozen treat filled kongPendant summer we did the exercise where we left it for longer periods progressivementIve tried anything possibleWeve began leaving her more at the beginning of September and a month later after she started this behavior destructeurElle never had an accident since his arrival in our maisonElle performs well when we are at domicileDonc, TODAY ‘ Today I told my father that she tore a piece of wood or something he has put on the coffee table where our dog could easily get when left seulDeux days earlier, she pulled two books dog training that cost us 50 dollarsMon father said that if she does it again, it will return it back to rescousseIve put so much work into it and my family put a lot of money aussiNous give him an hour of exercise per jourLorsque we’ve had him, she was a dog of medium and high energy now shes much calmeQuand I told my father he used his “Chinese dog training” strategy and “showed” her of something broken and his nose closed and felt, was not difficult, but I kno its method is not the right thing to faireLa method I use is just to be myself usual when I see it broken because u can do? U can not simply correct the way it after shes déchiréOh, and we can not have someone to petsit his habit because our neighbors and it tears things cost less than $ 20 per day for my parents obviously consider it wontQu’est-missing? I’ll use the spray to spray things bitterappleMais if she starts to chew things that shes chewed before as the couch or bed or our shoes? We can not do anytjing after things she tears when we arrive at the maisonElle never chew things were when shes not supposed to maisonDevrions we have a fence to block puppy from the rest of the living room? It can easily jump over the chosesEt cant we leave her outside, because there are raccoons, even though shes had his vaccine against rabies and the weather is refroiditJe know it’s very long, but I just want to tell u the number methods I essayé.Du first day we got him that she hates the caisseNous tried treats, chews something to do iit like him and he has never been used for the response peineMeilleure : by Andrea

You could hang from some parts, but it would be best to crate train her. dogs relax when they have a ” den “for themselves, and generally as dogs age, and you do not need cash all the time u leave em, they still go there bas.vous must be consistent with crate training. most dogs are slow to adapt to their crate, especially if you are home and they are in it. what you do is, before leaving, take him for a walk, his tire on, then put treats and toys in the crate, put it in the crate and leave, if she is tired, she goes to sleep while you are gone.

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  • She probably has separation anxiety try to stop her kennel any destruction of your home

  • I say a box is probably the only way to go, unless you have other means of blocking the other rooms. More puzzle toys or teach his games like “hide and seek” could help too. When you train box, remember to go very slowly. Reward each small step in the right direction. I really wish you good luck.

  • My dog ​​used to be like this. When she was a puppy, it destroyed my house. Chewable children’s clothing and all kinds. So I used the stick to one room, kitchen. But she tore huge chunks of my lino and corners of kitchen cabinets. She even ate the corner of my wall! And do not get me started on the trays …….. At one point I had to use his muzzle because she was trying to chew through the son and operation of both bills to replace things. but my other dog used to remove it. I just had to obey everything I could out of her reach out and telling her whenever she does something. It was so frustrating, but it finally stopped. That’s what guilty looking blue in the picture lol

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