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How to stop unwanted behavior- the positive interrupter- dog training clicker training

This video is a re release of a piece of the episode of Dogmantics Episode 1. It also includes new footage at the end. How to stop unwanted behavior and get your dogs attention

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  • As usual – another great video. Thank you.

  • Use her video for teaching stay. Then add a release word to it, like “Okay!” The dog will learn that he has to stay at the door unless you release him to go out.

  • He’s not a dominant male. Dominant isn’t a personality trait. Please research this better. Nor should you correct him. Have you learned anything from Kikopup’s videos?? If you want a referral to a professional trainer who uses updated, humane methods, feel free to message me. Aggression is almost always fear or insecurity related.

  • If she had done it anyways, there wouldn’t have been any physical reprimands besides maybe lifting her off the table calmly and setting her back on the couch. Not a big deal. She’s conditioned to being picked up.

    It’s really more of an, “I’m not thrilled with what you’re doing so this isn’t going to get you any rewards.” Rather than, “I’m pissed that you’re doing that, you better stop right now or else!”

  • You’re entirely right. And also, most people don’t use a neutral “no”. It usually varies from harshly firm to downright yelling.

    But there are those of us who can control ourselves and are aware of what we’re doing.

    For example, the other day my little dog was considering if it was worth it to walk on the coffee table. She reached one foot out and then looked at me to see what I’d say about that. I simply said, “no”. So she withdrew and I praised her and then she came running to me to play.

  • I wonder, do dogs see us as humans or as weirdly shaped dogs ?

  • that’s a good point. Depending how “No” is used shouldn’t be too harmless especially for emergencies. But I guess for some people, everything can seem like an emergency so then too much can be a bad thing. Perhaps that’s when they may need to take some time out and promote more default behavior through positive reinforcement training.

  • He realy never stops and I think it´s because that always worked with his past owners. The dog trained them very well. Please! I need help!!

  • I recently rescued a dog that is 8 years old, he was in a house where no one ever trained him and for that reason he became very anoying. That´s why they got rid of him. He’s a dominant male an for that he is very agresive with my other dog, so I have to keep them separated. But whenever I have to separate from the new dog he starts to bark as if he is being kiked and last night just stoped for one hour. I think that´s what he used to do to ask for atention but I don´t know how to correct him.

  • No problem, another video that may be helpful r you is the “capturing calmness” video that kikopup has. Good luck!

  • she has a playmate and takes walks in the park right next door 2-3x a day and her playmate is her mother who is a shi tsu/Pomeranian cross…so I have three full toy boxes full of toys..and a big fenced yard.. a small barn with a doggy door so they can visit the bunnies..who also get out in the yard to play with the dogs until Lil Sister gets too rough. I have had her mother since she was 8wks.. she’s fine. Ive owned sister her whole life (8mths) & she’s a basket case. Thanks 4 the advise. 🙂

  • She sounds like she’s bored, perhaps exersize her more than what you’d normally do (alot of people assume small dogs don’t need as much exersize as big dogs but that is actually not true) and get her lots of chew toys (if you haven’t already…my personal favorite when I want peace in the house is all natural peanut butter in kongs) and as Kikopup says in the video, praise her for playing with said toys/doing good behavior. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Wow! I am amazed. Thank you!

  • do you have a video on how to stop a dog from dashing out the door???

  • Hello , your videos are helping me a lot and more that I OWN A PITBULL puppy , I can’t make multiply to stop biting my feet everything I take her for a walk even with the leach on she just walks biting my feet , what can I do ? She won’t stop ! Please help me I love my Lola

  • Your videos are helping me so much! I was really scared to start training my dog that I’ll be getting soon, but thanks to your vides I feel more comfortable with the whole subject! I probably would have ended up using negative reinforcements or something without realizing what I was really doing! 🙁 I’m still worried I won’t be able to teach my dog properly though.

  • OMG…you make this look so easy… but there is very little moments when my dog isn’t being horrid… she can chew off a harness in a matter of seconds, digs holes big and deep enough to bury her and a friend, she shreds everything she can, she has even eaten the straps off of my motorcycle saddle bags… she will attack and fight with her mother for seemingly no reason… she’s 9 very cute pounds of total hell. My only salvation is the crate.. 🙁

  • Hi kikopup, I can’t get my dog to look at me… I’m following exactly the same you did on the video, but your dog looks at you so easily and mine quickly loose focus.
    Any tips?
    By the way, my dog is a Whippet, just in case this makes any difference, thanks!!!

  • Your welcome, good luck.

  • Thanks for your feedback.
    We have trained our dogs not to come into the kitchen, they have learned we don’t like it, and our dogs will immediately get out of the kitchen when we say, “Out of the kitchen.” but this doesn’t not help when we are gone. But I will try spiking the food, maybe that can teach them there is nothing rewarding in the kitchen for them? Again, thank you for helping me out.

  • You could make the kitchen a no go zone, in which case you train your dogs not to enter the space though dogs are opportunistic so it doesn’t always have the highest success rate. Aversion therapy, you spike food with something they don’t like (a tiny bit of hot sauce, don’t over do it so they don’t get sick) and leave that on the counter tops periodically. They generalize that all food on the counter tops is icky. Also might want to invest in some treat releasing toys for when you are gone.

  • If you look at Kikopup’s playlists she has a series of videos on how to stop the barking. I would say pay attention to the video on training for calming behaviors.

  • What if “no” has never been used in a negative way? What if you taught kissy noise, whistle AND no. If it is always paired with a treat you can train an automatic response. It can be a signal/cue for ‘pay attention to me’? Or just stop what you are doing, which is what happens when they pay attention to you. I find it is hard to get people to stop using the word when they use it almost like a reflex. It is after all just a word.

  • Also, in relation to my post below, one of my dogs are a huge barker. We are in a argument with a few of the neighbors over my dog barking and there dog.

    So, we have had to keep my dog inside for the way wile I am gone. I HATE this. I would rather have him able to run around in the backyard for the day. How can I stop him form barking?

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