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How to Train a Beagle : Teach Your Beagle to Recognize His Name With These Dog Obedience Training Tips

Learn how to train your beagle to respond to her name in this free online dog obedience training video for teaching good animal behavior.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn how to train your beagle to come when called in this free online dog obedience training video for pet owners.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I Have a beagle And These Tips Really Help Hes Behavior Is Still Funny and all hes become More Intellagent Every second

  • LOL she has a robot voice

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  • Don’t reward him all the time like that or when you call there name even when there older they’ll think that there getting a treat

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  • You guys Rock I will now get a Beagle : ]

  • My beagle does the same thing. What I do is when he gets a mad moment, I simply crate him for about ten minutes to let him calm down. Once I let him out again i make him sit and wait for a treat. This works for my pup.

  • No girlfriend or boyfriend worth being with would ever ask you to get rid of your pet. And pets are permadent. If they cant get over it then they shouldnt be around anyways, who wants to be with someone who cant even handle a pet. Gross. That sucks.

  • I wish I didn’t give my beagle away. But you can thank my Ex girlfriend for being a liar.

  • im getting an 11 month old beagle from a rescue centre soon. I have heard lots of bad things about how beagles love to dig under fences and they are really hard to train.

    Is the hard training thing true, because my family are 1st time dog owners and it’ll be quite annoying if it wont do a thing we say due to our inexperience


  • what if my beagle happends to be very defient with the shear call of his name of all things

  • that is an interesting mix. I have never seen one. lol. i imagine its very intelligent because both beeds are really smart.

  • She needs to clear her throat.

  • hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me. my beagle is a wonderful dog, we take him for 2 walks a day, but sometimes he gets a ‘mad moment’ and he bites, and runs around like he is completely wild, i think the problem is socialisation, which we are currently trying to fix, if anyone has any other ideas for why this is happening please tell me

  • Nice. The trick with beagles is to keep them busy. They need to be walked, ALOT!! My Beagle is not so food motivated… YET!! Our older beagle, Norman, was all about food. Our current beagle, Ethel, was papered and both her parents hunt. She LOVES to track/hunt rabbits. Great breed, very gentle with people and other dogs.

  • How i trained my 20 lb Manchester terrier when she was only 6 months old to pee outside was when i could tell she had to go, i would say “gotta go pee?” then take her out to go. now she is 9 months and goes to the door when i say “gotta go pee”. be pacient and very rewarding when she does what he is supposed to do. 🙂

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  • well… I never trained a dog, but I think that my beagle is very loyal……….. when I have food T_T

    God damn it! This dog is to clever!

  • not a dispenser lmao

  • What about Mongolian subtitles? Or Finnish subtitles?

    Who cares if you’re from Mexico.

  • I have a Beagle/Pit mix. She’s very beautiful and very intelligent.

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  • my beagle is too lazy! she wants to eat and sleep all day, and when i bring her to run a bit we end up walking. or worst part is she stops and lay-down…and doesnt want to move a muscle.

  • Not really trained. Beagles just follow their noses and your just putting food out before he’s obeyed the command

  • omg he loves that toy!!!!!!!!!!

  • how about if your beagle starts to run away? and you know, beagles are the kind of dogs when they start scenting something they can’t be stopped. So HOW? please and thank you!

  • My beagle is to fat to lazy to weird to do anything he will only come if I say his name

  • im so sending the to RWJ!!!

  • My name is Bailey 😀
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  • Thank you for the tips! My Beagle knows how to come….but only with a treat. Of course! I think i just need to be a little more consistent with him and i should be able to do it with or without treats. I hope my Beagle will be more obedient like your dog for example. But what should i do if this does not work? Because i cannot afford training classes.

  • Thanks for the wonderful beagle training video! Your beagle is simply awesome!! No doubt you’re a great trainer…
    I live with my beagle since he was 6 months old and his name is Biscuit.
    Never give up and stay positive can certainly make your training efforts worth-while and fruitful. =)

  • how many times can she say come without it sounding rude

  • now were gonna train to learn how to cum.

  • Oh man that made me chuckle.

  • my 15 lb Norfolk terrier was 4 months when i started training and new all his tricks by the time he was 7 months and began obedience trials. he is now 5 yrs and a 12 time winner in the 16 times he has been in his trials. he is a very smart Norfolk, so anyone who wants or has a Norfolk, they r very smart!!

  • “now we’re gonna tell ya beagle when to cum”.. lol

  • my dog has the same hedgehog toy!
    but even when i call out his name he is still intent on the toy and doesnt respond plz help


  • my beagle is hard to train, she just wants to shag things even tho she has no penis…

  • My Beagle listens brilliantly at home without fail… it’s when he’s outside that’s the problem <_< Gonna have to break out the treats again for outdoor-specific training

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