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How to “train” a very aggressive puppy 4 months?

question iCollectSunsets : How to “train” a very aggressive puppy 4 months I have a male Pomeranian puppy four months that I bought from a breeder about two months. Initially, he was very gentle and calm. Over time, it became very aggressive and dominant. He is the only animal in the house, and he is my first pet. He wants his way all the time – which I admit is my fault for not disciplining correctly. I tried to “dead time” for his barking and biting inappropriate, but he apparently had no result. Today, he had an appointment with a veterinarian Vet who was initially very soft to – when the vet touch him, he would scream and squirm and cry loudly. Honestly, I feel so helpless – the vet scolded me mainly because the dog thinks he is in charge of everything. It’s not like I let my dog ​​run wild – I keep it on a feeding schedule, reward good behavior and various other things I’ve heard instill the concept that dogs are not leaders of the house. In general, my dog ​​does not like to be pet – he tries to bite or flees, very angry. In addition, it will randomly jump on me when I walk into the room. Also at random times, he will jump on my lap and started to bite me. I never physically hurt him, so I have no idea why it seems to be so angry. What are good techniques to train my dog ​​and let him know that I’m in charge? Thank you for the suggestion, but I tried a water spray that I used whenever bite. He even liked it and would go back more. -_-Thanks for the suggestions (second speaker) – What do you suggest to let the dog know that it is not proper for him to be on the couch (which seems to be a good start to let him know he is not the boss)? I tried just asking him and saying “No!” to which he only stared at me, then jumps straight again. This process is repeated for a couple of minutes, until starting to bite me so hard that I renonce.Meilleure response:

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  • Try to take it to a professional trainer, and not one of those guys hugging rabbit. I mean a coach REAL.Il depends on the type of aggression that your dog really. Sister of my best friend has a pomeranian, and the thing would growl and scream when you picked it up and he did not. Her mother would freak out if you so much as say the thing no, then I taught him to dicipline the dog (when his mother could not see). This principle involves some tough love, scrub it and holding it firmly until it stops, it is the manipulation scream and explode under the chin to surly. In less than a week, it was the puppy parfait.C is the same with a Lhasa Apso a woman in my group had 4H. The dog growl whenever I touched, and one day a woman came to ask me what to do because the dog was smacking children and others. She treated the whole thing as a 3rd child. I told him to stop to let him sleep in his bed and be on the furniture with children (because it defend them children). She told me to do what I deemed neccesary if I saw kids acting a year. Well, I passed and one of his girls screamed because the dog tried to bite, I was there so I grabbed the dog by the scruff and lifted it’s front legs of the earth, giving him a little shake I said “NO!” Fascinating, the dog had hated me before, tried desperately to get me, tail wagging whenever I approached. She was just in severe need of strong leadership. You need to show your puppy that is patron.Si you have a dog badly behaved genetically like me, growling and biting without reason, however, it may not be what you can faire.Je suspect your dog might be first guy. ============ — Good with sofa, if I were you, personally, this is how it would happen. Dog jumping on the couch, I would say NO, and put it down. He jumps back, I take him by the neck, give it a little shake, then put it to the bas.S it starts to bite, I’ll smack him in the chin with the palm of my hand in the form Cutting so fast he will not know what happens to him (my other hand is on her neck, lifting the front feet on the ground). It out of its funk and make it stop. Had to do it once for my friend pom puppy before it is handling cease shouting and snapping at me and my friend had to do a few times – now it is perfectly behaved and aimable.Je know it’s hard, but it works — it does not harm them — I use it as a means to punish offenses extreme with my dogs — but in all honesty, I “slap” more difficult when we play, and they do not bother me.

  • Slow and gentle spray so, log (putt) Appointment of alpha maison.Rapide fast and inhumane. Shock collar.

  • Google NILIF training and Small syndrome chien.Quand he bites, gently but firmly grab his muzzle with your fingers, literally growl “do not bite” to it, get up, walk away. Game over.

  • This can sometimes be caused by a lack of attention and that is why he is biting you. He was 4 months, he needs to be taught today to sit, stay, lay. The amount of time you work with the dog shows that you are in charge, not him. I would start with these three basic commands, and then move ahead, shake, or whatever you want it to do. Remember to reward the good and the punishment should be ignoring him / her. Dogs do not like being ignored, it will work better than physical punishment or verbale.Vous stated that you give up when he starts to bite you …. NEVER GIVE UP … this is where the dog shows he wins. You’ve got to prove yourself to be dominant or you will never have control over him and the dog could be the end of your (/ stress level and perhaps the owner of another dog. Some places prohibit owners owning another dog after a dog has become aggressive in their care).

  • 1) Catch fixed if aggressive now, imagine how it will be with all that extra testosterone in his veines.2) Find a professional aggressive dogs are not obvious. It would be really good for you to have some support personne.3) Downtime does not work for dogs as a form of punishment. They do not have the ability to “sit in a corner and think about what they have done.” They live in the moment, not the past, and waiting times force them to return to the past .4) Watch a few episodes of The Dog Whisperer now. Whilst it is not God, he really has a good advice is very useful for dog owners for the first fois.5) If trying to get to you when you try to keep it on the couch, buy a muzzle! What you have taught him (yes, but not on purpose, you did tell him that) is that it will achieve its goals by turning to bite. If you forsake him, he gets his way, and he learns that you give the suite.S, PLEASE find a professional dog trainer who deals with aggressive dogs This is not something you should be handle by yourself. they will be able to teach you how to treat your dog, and be there for support if needed. It will not cheap, but if you love your dog, it will be worth it in the end. You do not want to bite someone, there is a strike of Rule 3 (at least in my state), or if your dog bites three people, it should be euthanized (assuming bites are reported).

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