Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

How To Train Any Dog To Heel PERFECTLY!

Training a dog to heel is a great exercise which develops several different capacities in a dog. In addition to furthering their learning ability and body aw…

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  • well said michael

  • What exactly is the objective? hahaha

  • I successfully trained my dog using this great training system I found online. The site is

  • MUY BUEN VIDEO te felicito por compartirlo es de gran ayuda, no cabe duda que tienes mucho talento eres buen maestro

  • Did you use turn and rotate to differentiate between directions?

  • Wow, thanks very informational! XD

  • Your dog is so smart

  • My retriever was a wonderful dog. So easy to train. This reminds me so much of him. I always kept one rule.. Pack leader. Walking to heel is essential to having a well-trained dog. GREAT VIDEO !!

  • thanks man it really worked

  • Wht is your Gsds name and how old is she

  • Fun, fun, FUN! I love that part!

  • I would suggest a non-slip baking pad on the book to create a surface the dog is more comfortable on (if your dog is like mine and dislikes slippery surfaces). A hard, fabric covered book would also work.

  • gonna try this as you are “The Dog Dude!”

  • A check, chain when used properly, is just another useful tool such as a leash.

  • I LOVE MY DOG, so I would never do anything “inhumane” to him. Plus part of the reason I am training him to do it that way is because i’m training him to be a therapy dog and the people who are teaching me to train him recommend it, and the collar I use doesn’t hurt him it just reminds him to know what is expected. I still give him treats and he is still a good boy and Tab is obviously a great trainer but all i’m saying is there are other ways to get them to heel. I honestly meant no disrespect.

  • Great tutorial!!!!!!

  • So in other words, too lazy and impatient to do it the humane way

  • Brilliant.

  • I use a choke collar to get him to heel, not this standing on books stuff suggested in this video, i’m not critisizing tab by any means he is a great trainer but for me personally this way takes way to long and demands to much food as a reward and I want results quick and a happy dog.

  • I have experienced that my dog will be less motivated with food if she has recently ate. Try training before meal time. Hope this helps 🙂 p.s. i’m no expert lol

  • Awesome!

  • I LOVE your videos! I did all ur steps and they work! my dog Bo is now a therapy dog thanx to u! Thank u! 🙂

  • Can I get a link to the video where you talk about the “rotating on the book” technique? thanks great videos… really

  • Nice choice of book. ::

  • so smart tanks 😉

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