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How To Train “Heel” Position (Dog Training) Clicker

A few of you have asked how I teach heel, so here it is! The first thing I worked the dog to heel position to find. They must be very good at this first step if we want a reliable, tight and focused heel. A good technique to the ‘chair’ to remove him further away by an inch a day for a week. By the end of the week you will probably not need. Teaching a dog to come around to your side also has a very useful application in loose leash walking. I will go about this in my next video, which will be up in 2 days! Video Rating: 4/5


This is Sidney’s segment from the first episode of HoundTV wher he works with his Rottweiler puppy ‘Maverick’ teach the beginning of the recall and to run lead. Video Rating: 5/5

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  • do it by lowering your criteria at first. Go with what your dog knows well.

  • and how do I do that?

  • This means that your dog does not understand what you tell her. Try increasing the difficulty more gradually.

  • my dog ​​will treat and everything to follow, but just far to go, for example your targeting video i did and she focuses, but when I put it far away they just look at me look at it and then shrink to do, shell just stay in one place.

  • brilliant! Thank you 🙂

  • my dog ​​does not do it, because I trained her not to be treated before I allow. And now she waits to treat me just to put down. (She is 5 mounth old French bulldog) What can I do?

  • Omg your dog is so clever, I love watching the wheels turning, she catches on really quickly

  • it is best to do this from the first day

  • Can you email me the name and where I can find the treats you use.

  • uhhh my dog ​​is too scared to go around me … I tried to follow him the treat, but he does not want the whole way to follow me … -. –

  • Mesut Özil??

  • I like it 🙂 Gonna start to teach my dog ​​clicker help: P

  • This is good, but this just simply teach your dog to go around you? Like when the chair, she kept going on around you. Some dogs just go to the side and turn around

  • awesome

  • Whats with the fisheye up lol

  • nice work tag. I love shepherds

  • @ Clownseatedu we train against a wall or fence. it is much better than a chair … once you start moving the wall continues straight on the dog

  • Says, “Good boy!” well? It’s a stupid question, but for a puppy in particular, I do not know if it causes too much excitement.

  • I love your videos, I’m 10 weeks golden retriever and they help a lot. A bit of topic, but that dog is gorgeous, it’s yours or you just want to train him?

  • what if they pull so hard they pull you over lol and you literally cant stop or they will drag you??? :/

  • cute socks brah

  • Hey tab can you do a vid on how to get the dog through your legs like a figure 8 and continue

  • I so love your videos! Thank you! My 14 year old dog died recently and I’m watching your videos in preparation for my new upcoming hond.Groeten

  • What you give your dog a treat?

  • – Develop some patience, then try to train your dog. He is not stubborn, but more than likely confused and not sure what you’re trying to learn. Remember, he has to learn on his speed. Not yours. Hope that helps

  • I no longer Maverick and no I have no more vids and pictures …. pity

  • Thanks for the video! Do you have videos / photos oof Maverick today?

  • Recently a number of cruel and disgusting comments left here, so I delete them and blocked the user form post more of these comments. These videos are here for a puppy / owner to help create a better understanding of how basic and reliable exercises teach their dog. I hope it continues.

  • You stupid idiot

  • Best reward you can give to ur dog is respectful …. n love

  • LOL I love the way the rotty went to sleep after the workout lolol

  • It is amazing in a span of 12 months, the dog is bigger than your knees.

  • Absolutely!

  • Do not hit your dog, you want him to trust you and respect you, not fear you! And never call your dog to punish him, or he will not want to come next time.

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