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How to train my 4 month old puppy?

Question by Charity Lynne: How to train my 4 month old puppy?

I just got a Westy and his doing pretty well with “pottie training” but he messes up a lot does anyone have any suggestions?

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Answer by laurel l
gp tp puppy and get more info.

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  • basically, follow this rule: For every month of a puppy’s life, that equals an hour that he can hold his bladder. So- your pup cannot go more than 4 hours without going to the bathroom. Other than that, take your dog out IMMEDIATELY after eating, drinking, and playing rough. These things always make dogs have to go. Other than that- try to establish a schedule. Try to keep track of how often your dog does business and try to adjust taking him outside to that exact schedule. Also, crate training does wonders for helping to house train. Hope that helps. Good luck!

  • He could probably not like the food that you are giving him. Dogs can be picky too you know

  • Feed him 3 times a day so you know when he has to potty. They have to potty 40 minutes after they eat. So if you keep to that schedule, you can control the potty time and lessen the accidents.

  • its normal for puppies to still have accidents. just take him out about every hour. they cant hold it in for a long period of time that young. he will get better in a couple of months.

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