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how to train my puggle puppy?

Question by : how to train my puggle puppy?

okay im going to try this agin because be4 everyone wanted to call my dog a mutt which is extremely rude if ur not going to give advice on “obedience training” dont comment at all. because every dog is a mixed breed, its just tht wen the mixed breed is able to reproduce on its own its now pure breed so be4 u comment think..pls im just asking for help on dog training because my puggle puppy has a really bad biting habit and i want to no a few things u did with ur dog AT HOME to train it. thnx u

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Answer by Skittles
Hi, I bought this book called ‘puppy parenting’ and it breaks down how to housebreak and teach commands to your puppy. I hope that helps a little.

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  • “because every dog is a mixed breed, its just tht wen the mixed breed is able to reproduce on its own its now pure breed”
    – No. Every dog was once a mixed breed, yes. But the definition of a purebred is as follows: “bred from members of a recognized breed, strain, or kind without admixture of other blood over many generations.” Over many years, the animal is selectively bred to weed out unwanted traits and to sort of cement desired traits. After so many generations, the animal consistently breeds true. When a type of dog has been breeding true for a long time and has a breed club and a strict breed standard, it can be called a breed. The Pug/Beagle mix hasn’t been around *nearly* long enough to constitute a breed. It does not breed true. It does not have a recognized breed standard that it needs to follow, nor does it have a breed club.

    As for the biting, think of how puppies play. Say Fido and Rover are rolling around, wrestling, chasing each other, biting, having a great time. But when Fido bites Rover too hard, Rover yelps and refuses to keep playing. Fido learns to inhibit the force of his bite because when he bites too hard, all the fun ends, and no puppy wants that. Basically, when your puppy bites, you need to immediately yelp and “end the game.” Here, read:

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