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how to train the dog to eat only when they receive an order ok (expert for the formation of intermediate behavior)?

Question : how to train the dog to eat only when they receive an order ok (expert for the formation of intermediate behavior) Okay, so the question is when the dog is not a kennel, it is clear that always gets in the trash, his instinct. But there are people out there who have taught their dogs to eat only when told by security (to prevent poisoning) and also just to stop having to worry about (oh no, I am in the bathroom and left my pizza on the coffee table!) About baby-proofing your home for all the rest of your life instead of teaching dogs, it more than the customs house, “Hey, we know that you are an animal and you get all the excuses exception of potty training. ” So how do we do? How do you teach a dog to be so well behaved, they wont eat without someone gave the order? Background: Dog training has a sufficiently large, the heel when walking, knows his role well in the pack, and would drop a ham sandwich, if you told him before he swallowed it. It is a black Labrador / Schnauzer mix, and he is so smart, he learned to open doors within three hours of travel to our new home with the door handles to lever, and we certainly paid the price of the house 6mo old alone for 8 hours the first time the back door was left unlocked, but now, if Freddy Kruger came, I know my dog ​​could get into the house to protect me, and open the door when my hands are full :). PS. If you are going to post that I own a pet lazy and just move my trash, and never leave my dog ​​in the backyard unattended to prevent poisoning or whatever, please do not post . My dog ​​is my baby, and this is all about, is for his safety, not my laziness. I do not seek a quick solution, I understand what kind of training can take years to perfect, which is much harder than putting my trash in the garage, but I promise you that there is no stalks or syringes in my trash and I am very confident in my abilities as a diligent pet owner, so you do not post if you plan to send anything that is not utile.Merci for your respect and considérationMeilleure response: Answer

by Bob
Yes, Madam! (Greetings and arcs). Madam! You must practice with your dog, madam! Keep a leash and put her food in front of him. When he goes without food for your order, pull into arrière.C is it, madam! ..

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  • I suppose it’s possible, but having had years of life with Basset, the only thing that stops mine entering what is available, given half a chance, is prevention. Yes, they know not to enter a coffee table, though we were eating, but I did not suppose that would be the same if we got up and left something there no way I bas.En suggests that you own a pet sloth (from your comments here, I did not dare lol) but I think you may be expecting too much of a dog. But again, it depends on the breed, and dogs. I emphasize again PREVENTION. And I’m not leaving my dogs with access to the outside when I’m not at home because I do not know what could happen. “Leave” or “fall” is an essential part of obedience, however.

  • The question is not you being lazy or training a dog not to do something ……. Dogs are opportunists and will therefore take this opportunity to get food, attack the tank (which is full of food and toys to the extent that the dog is concerned) and once he uses this opportunity and find these toys and food, he learned that bin raiding works and dogs do what works ……………….. if you have a tug of war that the easier way to train it is never by allowing it to work … so that the tank is still empty, faded ALWAYS … Now the dog has found it works, it is more difficult to train, it can be done, but they must be trained longer and I would not be convinced that a working dog breed would not take the opportunity because it “worked” in the past ………. there is no point in the discipline to the dog once they did, as it is by renting a car “game” … is that they get the goodies (self praise) so it does not matter which discipline you when you find as it is too late …………. ……. I have a bin raider, I’m an animal behaviourist I have four dogs, but when I had 13 dogs and British Columbia was a puppy and a friend took him on a couple of days that I ‘was in the hospital … my friends dog is a bin raider and 8 years on the BC is a bin raider if I leave anything in the tank IF she is anxious in any way and that’s the only time she does it …… ……. Now, I watched by CCTV and all my dogs sit and watch and not touch the tray at all when / if it strikes …. Then a couple of days given the opportunity which is all that was needed ……. ………

  • Its done the same way any other training is done in the real world. You / reward is praise the dog for a behavior that you want and you keep repeating that the behavior of representatives 4K-6K until it becomes second nature and you correct the dog, hard, when it does not obey. This thing is correct, where 98% of people fail because they do not want to do … they feel bad for the dog, fix emotional problems to her, either. The point is this, cause = effect in all things, the training included, and if your dog wins a correction, not to disappoint her, he dur.En correct conclusion, in the absence of coercion, neither human or dog training is possible. I hope I helped.

  • check this

  • Dogs are not greedy creatures that they eat to survive not just for fun. So I think the reason your dog is “looking for food” in the trash, it is because he is in search of nutrients and minerals, dogs are very sensitive when they lack in something in their bodies. The same thing happened to my dog, except that it started to become not only a food hoarder, but aggressive. You may want to change his diet, I switched my dog ​​to a raw part and within a week I saw results, and a dog is much happier and healthier today. So, change his diet to a raw part [you can feed him a chicken carcus every other day and feeding turkey necks and beef bones occasionally too] and the time to start training hsi you’re going to pick up your garbage, make sure you leave nothing where he will be tempted, if you are actually just him setting up for failure. Similarly, when you feed her meals make sure it is sitting and waiting before you allow him to eat.

  • Cesar milan ….. CALL it can help you! if it is not.>!> perhaps consider buying a squirrel?

  • Does your dog have a good sit stay with distractions? If it does your dog have a sit stay for a meal. Put the flour on the floor and step back. Your dog must remain seated until his release. This dog can not be allowed to eat food unless it in the bowl or your hand. Eating on the floor or ground is off limits. The release command should be used every time you feed the dog. Keep in mind that this type of protection against poison has its problems if the dog is boarded frequently or if other family members is to feed the chien.Étant given that your dog is “your baby” you most likely will not like my suggestions. You will need repellents. repellents should be stronger then the reward of food that the dog is getting into. Repellents should be used for at least a month depending on the dog. They will be faded slowly so as not to train the dog to look for them when he gets into trouble. The aversive that I use for the garbage theft is a carpet or rug shock scat. This rug emits a shock when something works on it or it touches. It gives the same correction every time he is hit (as long as it is connected. “It will correct when there’s nobody home. Finally, it keeps the owner of the correction process so that the dog learns faster. Do not step on the mat scat with your bare feet or storage. If you do, you will do one fois.Pour keep the dog from eating garbage out of the land also requires methods that are worse than the food. For this I use a remote collar. I can not put the remote on the dog and shocking, but through a series of training first before I correct the dog. Your best bet is to find an e-collar trainer in your area to train you how to use this device properly. You need to have the collar on most of the time that the dog is out. You will also need to be able to correct the dog each time he tries to eat something he should not. I know the do gooders will not like my methods, but have been proven to work. Most police officers and Military dogs are poison test using many methods themselves. To poison proof of correction must be worse than the tasty food that is left out or offered for proof chien.La flame suit on. Let them steal TDs.

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