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How would a trained “brawler” or martial arts expert deal with an attack by two large guard dogs?

Question by vtsztpu: How would a trained “brawler” or martial arts expert deal with an attack by two large guard dogs?

I am writing an RPG detective story and my hero is in this awkward situation. A man without training would be in a real pickle, but what would say a navy seal or a karate expert do in this situation?
Thanks for your help!

Best answer:

Maze. Works on dogs too.
I used to clean a house for a lady with 10 great danes in the house. I carried maze on my body all the time while in that house.

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  • Navy SEALS are likely trained to protect against dogs but Karate not so much. Karate experts usually focus on fighting people rather than dogs.

  • I don’t know about anyone else but id try scaring them with my aura or something like that, either that or run.

    …Probably run, two large guard dogs? if it was 1 it wouldn’t really matter, but 2, 1 can attack you while you try to fight the other, and im assuming these are some tough dogs so no stopping after just hitting them in the nose once.

  • Uh…Climb a tree?

  • RUN

  • Never kick toward a dog’s face. A dog can bite you ten times before you can react and you’d just be giving it your foot. You have to move around dogs.

  • If you can fight a man then you can fight a dog. Of course, some challenges appear, but its possible. Bas Rutten knocked a dog out, so i’m sure a martial arts expert could too.

  • Running the hell out of there.

  • Shoot them…they are faster…running probably isn’t a good idea…no gun…try to choke them…otherwise you’re kinda screwed

  • For someone at a very advanced level, there are a few options. This is above the Seal level. Maybe their instructor could pull it off. Some schools have used dogs in pressure point training. My understanding is that a canine’s pressure points are arranged like a human’s. I have not done this, but I know someone who has. It is possible to subdue actual military attack dogs (yes, more than one) using pressure points. This has been done. The dogs were temporarily paralyzed, then later restored to full vigor.

  • Mexican style: Jump some fences
    Black style: RUN YO ASS
    Asian style: Jump on housetops/parkour
    Dumbass style: fight them

    Seriously, u might be able to land a powerful kick in the ribs of one of those guard dogs, but then the other dog already shoulve caught u and that bitch will bite.

  • ok dont listen 2 the retard that said he carried maze(maze is fucking corn lol he cant spell mace) if a big dog(police dog) comes after u ur sposed 2 punch them as hard as u can in the back of the head

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