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How would you approach a friend who was training her puppy in a manor very hard?

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Question Zem : How would you approach an acquaintance who was training her puppy in a manor very hard He just lost his Giant Schnauzer to a porcupine. I have never seen to interact with the dog as a puppy, but now he has a new male 6 months old he “trains” in a manor very hard. I’m just disgusted to see him using “alpha” and physical training on this type of correction puppy who just wants to play! I want to say something, but people are so damn sensitive about how they interact with their dogs at times. I would not want someone to tell me how to train my dogs, but I can not bear to see push the dog on the floor, or force him into a sit, or shout in his face for not listening. .. just awful! I would not go so far as to call it “abuse”. It is just a lot of the outdated “alpha” technique that people see on TV and imitate evil when they do not really know what they do. And of course, he thinks he is a genius dog trainer to give her a book or mentioning the different methods which may be considered offensive. I agree that dogs need boundaries, I prefer to use a more gentle to show them where they sont.Meilleure response: Answer by

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animal control! Humane Society! Call them!

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  • I hate this kind of thing! If you suspect abuse, you can always make an anonymous phone call, the control animals. Can you politely step in and help? Difficult decision …

  • I would educate him in a good way to train a dog. Otherwise I would use his techniques on him and take the dog on him.

  • give him a dog training book, maybe he will read it. is physically abused the dog call the authorities. some people just do not have a clue!

  • it will be hard, but try to talk to him about how he trains his puppy. he could listen, but if he does not, you could offer to train the puppy you même.Si it does not work, then you should report animal abuse.

  • Nothing wrong with showing the dog its place, but it is not necessary to use physical violence to do so. A dog will learn more soft (firm) correction that cries and clapping. Perhaps you could address that person, and suggest that a more modern method involves different techniques and perhaps give them a website address where they would check. If they are insensitive to this, unless they actually harm the dog, unfortunately, I do not think there is anything you can do. I hate standing by watching as well. Enjoy!

  • Who cares if the person is sensitive, consider the mental damage he does to this puppy? Harsh training can cause serious aggression later in the lives of dogs, imagine how that person feels after her dog bites someone of pure frustration and the dog is impounded for agressif.Chaque time I see a friend or even a remote once-in-a-whole knowledge to work to correct their dog shit that I still in. Better them being mad or angry against me and the dog is well trained as them, it makes the wrong direction and potentially ruin a dog for life.

  • Is it feed the dog, the dog does have water? Shelter? If he can not leave him alone. He knows what he does. You can not love, but he knows what works for him. Alpha training works best because it’s what the mother dog, she did not run after them is “No”. She growled, broken, little, shook gently and pinned her puppies. and you know what they are working. I had surgery a few weeks after my mom get a puppy as she realized that she can jump on the couch and she starts to bite and scratch and stop I waited until she was about to jump again and I pinned him down and since at that time, I could not talk much, so I scolded, it held there until she laid still, so I left him in place and forced her to sit and then I let him up. It was not long before she propres.Mon on his great-grandfather uses the alpha channel and to date they have never had a behavior problem and have owned several different breeds.

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